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Wolfgang Bueschel: AIR monitoring

INDIA log at 08.45 to 09.15 UT on Jan 11,

taken on remote SDRs in Delhi and Doha Qatar:

9380.002 1/2 kHz, AIR Aligarh site, S=8-9 in Qatar at 08.45 UT Jan 11.
9865.001 kHz, AIR Bangalore, S=9+10dB,
subcontinental music / singer, 08.58 UT Jan 11.
Aoki Nagoya Japan list show ‘AIR New Delhi (Vividh Bharati)’
7289.994 AIR Chennai from Thiruvananthapuram tentatively,
weak & tiny S=6-7 at 09.00 UT on Jan 11.
7325.005 AIR Jaipur, proper S=9+30dB, Hindi female anncer, 09.05 UT.
7340.001 AIR Mumbai, distorted audio bad quality, Urdu sce to
Kashmir and Pakistan audience. S=9+25dB heard in Doha Qatar.
7380.002 AIR Chennai, Tamil sce, singer program, S=9+15dB, 09.08 UT
7420.002 AIR Chennai, Hindi sce, S=9+15dB, 09.09 UT on Jan 11.
7430.009 AIR Mumbai from Bhopal bcast center, S=9+30dB at 09.15 UT,
Bhopal tx unit has the best audio quality amongst AIR gear.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Jan 11)

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