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Sentech: end of broadcasting?

The SABC may decide Channel Africa is a luxury it can no longer afford, which then would send SENTECH into a spiral. Channel Africa is meanwhile down to 18 frequency hours on workdays only, even less than the 24/7 transmission of Radio Sonder Grense. Still it could be that a potential loss of these transmissions led to the warning about a possible closure.

Current frequency hours of the other remaining customers: BBC ca. 25, AWR 3, DW 2.5, USAGM workdays/weekends 2.5/1.5, Radio Dabanga 1. So a closure would of course be primarily a problem of the BBC. Which perhaps now regrets to have abandoned Lesotho two decades ago, unless they will, if Meyerton really closes, simply have done with most of the affected transmissions of English.

Have there ever been reports about upgrades at Meyerton? I don’t remember any, which would mean that all transmitters have been installed before 1980. So, unless at least major modifications have been made, transmitters with high level plate modulation and presumably diminishing supply of tubes and other spare parts.

(Kai Ludwig via WOR io group)

Current HFCC B18 shows Meyerton used by all these broadcasters: BBC, SABC, Channel Africa, SARL, FPU, AWR, IBB, DWL — and that`s not enough? Glenn

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