domenica 17 Ottobre 2021
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Wolfgang Bueschel log

USA 3264.885 probably WBCQ Monticello testing tx 3265 kHz at 2353 UT Febr 12, from Maine border to New Brunswik Canada.

S=9+5dB signal strength in Cape Canaveral Cocoa Florida state in US. Surprisingly heard symphonical classic music played, and a lot of heavy THUNDERSTORM scratches heard.

6010.007 kHz UNID weak threshold signal S=4 -96dBm level, 23.48 UT probably the Brazilian poor power unit.

6090 kHz no signal of Gene Scott, Anguilla Antilles religious, not on air. But heard start of IRIB interval signal at 2345 UT Febr 12.

73 wb

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