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World Music Radio 15805 kHz

Very good conditions today Saturday on 15 MHz: World Music Radio (WMR) was audible for a good part of the day on 15805 kHz presumably in the whole of the eastern and southern part of European Russia, good signal strength noted on remote Kiwi SDR receivers in Romania, Greece, Italy, Spain and Portugal. Very strong signals in Iceland for most of the day. Also very weak signals visible in Thailand, Kerala India and on the island of Bonaire. Somewhat weak on the North American east coast. Today no luck in Brazil.

WMR is on the air again tomorrow Sunday on 15805 kHz at 0500-2000 UTC.

Please be advised that next weekend WMR will be on the air on 15805 kHz continuously:
– from Friday March 1st at 0700 UTC
– until Sunday March 3rd at 1700 UTC

Power is 200 Watt.

Transmissions on 5840 kHz continues – 24/7 – with a power of 100 Watt.

Transmitter site for both 15805 and 5840 kHz is Randers, Denmark. Reception reports are welcome to: and World Music Radio, PO Box 112, DK-8960 Randers SØ, Denmark.

Best 73’s
Stig Hartvig Nielsen,

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