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Radio Center last broadcasts on 1485 khz

Radio Center will be on the air this March last time on their historical frequency AM 1485 before completely moving to NEW frequency AM 1602 from Riga, Latvia:
March 1st from 3-5 UTC (6-8 MST) with their special 27 Years Anniversary program & March 27 & 28th from 19:00- 20:59 UTC (22:00-23:59 MST) with very special programs for NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) Convention attendees.

Radio Center Moscow, a pioneer of Religious broadcasting in Russia, has been granted a license for operating a powerful AM transmitter in Riga, Latvia to deliver Christian programming in RUSSIAN language into every RUSSIAN community in Eastern Europe, including Russia proper–during a time when the Russian Government has restricted the rights of many Christians groups. Due to growing restrictions and governmental interference, Radio Center is moving from Moscow to Riga while keeping our radio studio in Moscow. Our NEW frequency on AM dial is 1602 kHz.

On February 2019 Russian lawmakers backed a bill aimed at isolating the country’s Internet from the rest of the world to secure it in the event of a cyber attack or other threat. The creation of this «red button» that gives the State more ways of disconnecting the country from the global network could further isolate Russians from the rest of the world. As a result, only conventional radio waves can reach our listeners in Russia!

NEW ANTENNA (a location in Latvia close to Russian State border)

We invite you to partner with us. Together we can make a difference in this world by preaching the Gospel through the airwaves to reach Russian-speaking people! Please contact us at

(Andrey Nekrasov via WRTH fb group)

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