mercoledì 22 Gennaio 2020
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Radio Romania International log

ROMANIA RRI Galbeni in Arabic language,
to Maghreb, NoWeAF, WeAF, WeSahel target

11975 kHz at 16.50 UT S=7-8 sidelobe only, logged in western Europe,
and odd fq 9608.021 kHz S=9+30dB side in Holland, 16.30-16.56 UT UT.

At 16.56:30 UT move to
odd fq 9807.981 kHz Romanian language sce at 17.00-17.56 UT
S=9+45dB powerhouse then.

And AM mode Galbeni 7370 kHz even, also S=9+45dB powerful Romanian sce.

And at 17.00 UT also nearby Balkan/ITA/UKR sce:
5955even Italian sce via older Saftica site, 100 kW,
S=9+30dB signal noted in GER and HOL.

And RRI French sce via Tiganesti to western Europe / NoWeAF on
7325 kHz in AM mode S=9+45dB, and 9870 kHz in DRM mode at S=9+35dB.

ROMANIA RRI Galbeni in Romanian language,
to Europe target, 18.00 – 20.56 UT.

7375 kHz at 18.00 UT S=9+50dB POWERHOUSE in GER/HOL,
odd fq 5988.768 kHz S=9+45dB on SDR side in Holland.

And at 18.00 UT also nearby Balkan/ITA/UKR sce:
5955even Ukrainian sce via older Saftica site via #812 revolving antenna
type, 100 kW lowered to 75kW,
S=9+25dB signal noted in GER and HOL.

And RRI English sce via Tiganesti to western Europe target on
5935 kHz in AM mode S=9+35dB,
and 7350 kHz lowered 90kW instead of 300
in DRM mode at S=9+50dB POWERHOUSE.

5980 2300 2400 27N GAL 300 285 Eng ROU RRO 5978.772 kHz DRM
til 23.56:30 DRM mode, from 23.57:07 AM mode. 5978.769 kHz

5980 0000 0100 12NE GAL 300 280 Spa ROU RRO 5978.772 kHz Mar 4
5978.769 kHz Mar 5

73 wb

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