martedì 22 Ottobre 2019
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JCI Furusato No Kaze

PALAU 9975 kHz 1600-1630 UT
JCI Furusato no kaze, _JCI T8WH Angel5 Palau Medorn,
Japanese language, see Aoki Nagoya Japan list.

British Frequ Management Organization brokered, ex Babcock
ENC – Encompass Digital Media Services.

73 wb

—– Original Message —–
From: “Will Grocott” Sent: Saturday, March 09, 2019 5:25 PM
Subject: [bdxc-news] 9975 Japanese..?

1624h UTC 09MAR19. The signal is weak, SINPO of 22212 but it sounds like
Japanese. I can make out a female presenter in dialogue. I am in
Warwickshire, UK. Any ideas..? Thanks – Will

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