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Chinese SW transmitter diaspora

The new Bamako site was erected in new China antenna design in 2003-late2004/spring 2005 year, til came into service in July 2005 and was reported in DXpress then. I’ve some CRI Bamako entries in my archive then. And also visible first in G.E. images of this 2004/2005 year.

So seemingly there was a 15 years contract, came into effect between August 2003 and last til 2018, when CRI forced to stopp their Africa/NE broadcast service there, …. and DXers told that the world last year.

> cloned SW and MW units worldwide (…),

At this era 2003 – 2005 the Beijing transmitter firm Beijing BBEF Science & Technology Co., Ltd erected a lot of 50 kW units, the website also presents the 50 kW variant TBH 422, 100 kW (in Albania renamed to ‘SW100F’), 150 kW type manufacture called TBH 522 (in Albania renamed to ‘SW100A’), cloned SW and MW units worldwide, by Beijing BBEF Electronics Group Co. Ltd., like totally new Bauta-CUB site refurbished by 6 x 100 kW and erected a total new antenna field there,

Cerrik-Albania refurbished in TX and antennas, have got 6 x 150 kW, and an antenna combined switch net to put 2 TXs together at 300kW of power. Cerrik have got some additional SW curtain arrays in latest 2003-2004year Made in China design, (like seen on RTC Nanning ceChina site too).

Cerrik / Shijak Albania from archive in 2004/2005: {reality is not simple, Cerrik broadcast center – refurbished 6 x BBEF Beijing transmitter – Beijing BBEF Science & Technology Co., Ltd. formerly known as the Beijing Broadcast Equipment Factory -, using big budget in 2004 year – uses same TX equipment, but 2×150 kW units combined to 300 kW, at 8 row curtain arrays. But RT Shijak uses a single 100 kW at easy dipol curtains, wb.}

And R Tirana Shijak site have got 2 x 100 kW SW txs too as a gift.

….on the inauguration of the Chinese made SW tx at Shijak Albania on 28 Nov 2004.

{and Tirana TXs were defunct, due of incompetence by the Albanian technicians and dull main power delivery some 10 years later in 2016 … or so…}

from the archive of 2012 ref Hargeysa [8 BBEF technician erected in Dec 2012]:

Sale of the new Radio Hargeisa transmitter was negotiated by a Chinese export firm, PDF Co. Ltd, of Guangong, China, and it is responsible for the installation. Some have supposed it would be, like other SW installations in Africa, a Chinese-made transmitter manufactured by Beijing BBEF Electronics Group Co. Ltd. (prior to 2000year, known as the Beijing Broadcast Equipment Factory)

This may well be so, although the BBEF website lists its overseas projects in places like Ethiopia, Cuba, North Korea 12 TXs?, etc., and says nothing about supplying transmitter equipment for installation in Somaliland. I have merely suggested it MIGHT instead, be a Croatian-made RIZ transmitter, since there is a track record of another Chinese electronics broker in Hong Kong installing a RIZ SW transmitter for the government of Myanmar.

In November 2004 Swedish DXer Olle Alm wrote me on this matter:

> Most likely the basic PSM – Pulse Step Modulation patents elapsed some
> years ago, so now everybody is using this technology. The Chinese
> transmitters (SW100F and SW150A) at Shijak and Cerrik, respectively, which
> are based on the Continental 420C model (500 kW), are using PSM, and RIZ
> have been marketing PSM transmitters since at least 1999.

Chinese txs are also erected at Dole Zanzibar island Tanzania.

from archive March 2010, re Myanmar new equipment:
> has meanwhile found this page on the website of Hong Kong-based Broadcast
> Technology Limited, referring to a project installing a mediumwave antenna
> and AM transmitter for Myanmar National Radio (MRTV) with BBEF (Beijing
> Broadcast Equipment Factory). It says the transmitter is 400 kW, and the
> project was completed in March 2010.

China TX clones, also on mediumwave, 600 kW Harris
> University dissertation dated Dec 2010 about the modulation system of a
> new ZF-600A transmitter, which is a Chinese-built clone of Harris
> technology. The acknowledgements and English abstract link it to Station
> 602 at Ji’an

73 wb (Wolfgang Bueschel, March 12, dxldyg via DXLD)

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