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GTM Radio Verdad

GUATEMALA 4054.993 kHz Radio Verdad, S=8-9 or -79dBm signal noted on March 19 in remote SDR in New Jersey US state.

Long lasting GTM National Anthem played/sung heard 06.01:05 til 06.05.33 UT.
Last annmt was in English before.
EMPTY carrier still on air noted at 06.35 UT.

And quick Cuba check at 06.23 UT.only 6100 kHz was on air in Spanish language newsread.
Still on air at 06.35 UT too.

EMPTY carrier both on 6060 and (wrong fq) 6160 kHz channels.

6000 kHz TITAN Quivican and 5040 Bauta were OFF at this time.
73 wb

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