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FRS Holland on air Sunday april 14 at 1352 UTC

Free Radio Service Holland, FRS, according with its website,  will repeat next Sunday April 14th, the Sunday March 31th four hours program. The frequency will be 7700 kHz and the time, 1352 to 1804 UTC.
“FRS March 31st 2019 Repeat

Upcoming Sunday April 14th, the Free Radio Service Holland will be repeating the 4 hour broadcast from two weeks ago (Sunday March 31st).
On this occasion, programmes will commence at 13:52 UTC/ 15:52 CEST and will last four hours. Close down will be at 18:04 UTC/ 20:04 CEST . Attention: programmes will be aired on 7700 kHz only (spare frequency is 7685 or 7715 kHz). In case you missed the March 31st broadcast, this is your chance to give it another try!  
Tune in next Sunday…the best in music, many interesting (radio) related items and DX news. It will be worth while to tune in! Reports but moreover: personal comments and criticism are more than welcome. P.O.Box 2702 in 6049 ZG Hertenthe Netherlands  (=excellent hard copy QSL) or by e-mail: .”

             FRS-HOLLAND Programme Schedule for Sunday March 31st 2019
13:52 Station-opening: ID’s & Theme tune. 15:52
14:02 FRS Magazine- Peter Verbruggen
Music from the 1970- 2019 period,  preview on FRS Goes DXDay Calendar March 31st.
15:00 German Show- Jan van Dijk
Jan mainly focuses on new music and features the “Forgotten pirate” and “Uplink” (an interesting Free Radio website items. 

16:00 Musical Express- Bert van Leer
Music from 70s/80s plus radio related item & August/ Sept. mail.
16:45 FRS goes DX- Peter Verbruggen
The latest  news from the wonderful world of radio: News from around the world & Short wave free radio news.
Radiowaves- Dave Scott
Classic 70s rock show with some rare tracks and of course two landbased free radio recordings from the past.
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