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1530 kHz AM back on-air in Glasgow

After a break of almost 5 years, the AM/MW frequency 1530 kHz is alive again with Radio Ramadhan The Ark.

This station was awarded an AM licence to cover Glasgow in June 2017, so they have just got on-air before the two-year deadline after licence award. Ark AM, the name on the original application, says it will serve the needs of Glasgow’s diverse Muslim communities. They also state on the website DAB digital radio coverage. No known on-air launch date.

Reception does not seem to be very strong and certainly not as loud and clear as the previous user of 1530 AM – Celtic Music Radio from January 2008 to July 2014.

Radio Ramadhan Ark 1530 AM follows the launch at Easter of Revival 93FM in Glasgow to serve the Christian community.

Further discussion:

Q. I thought they were done with awarding AM licenses? Was this previously a relay of a national service?

A. It was a special round to allow community of interest stations with larger coverage than normal.

First on air was Caroline. Of the 5 stations Ninesprings in Yeovil decided to drop AM for FM, and the Ark is the last to go on air.

New stations in current rounds can apply for AM at lower power, but no one bothers. So the emphasis is using up the remaining suitable FM frequencies before new DAB minimuxes are advertised.

(Mike Terry via bdxc-news io group)

It is currently on low power around 10 w. With the full power due to be implemented later this month. (David)

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