lunedì 27 Settembre 2021
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Wolfgang Bueschel: WBCQ new tx observations

To identify the new WBCQ Continental 500kW unit on your ancient Sony, just WBCQ used with low decreased of 135 kW power,

you may identify also with older Sony gear of 1985-1994year:

Set your Sony to ‘Narrow/SYNC’ option

set manual Tune-Mode ‘slow’ of 100 Hertz channel separate,

and check your set’s exactness – of 100 Hertz option,
when switch of/to nearby WINB 9265, 9330, and WRMI 9395 kHz

look to the SYNC red lights, when light jumps from upper to lower side or vv …

new Continental 500kW unit is exact even x.000 kHz

older WBCQ txs #1 to #5 are odd mostly on air different of 85 to 210 Hertz on upper side.

73 wolfie df5sx

ps. used ICF2001 / 2010 sets since 1985 til now in 2019year – now on my bedroom …

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