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Wolfgang Bueschel: Cuba observations

CUBA/USA When checked the RHC Spanish sce in 22mb at 13.30 UT,
heard also on Tue May 21 on even fqs
13700 kHz S=8 -82dBm in Detroit MI state,
and 13740 kHz S=7-8 -87dBm.

US IBB BBG Spanish sce meant to Cuban island nationals
from Greenville NC-US state broadcast center heard after 14.00 UT
on 11860even kHz, and odd fq 11929.992 kHz
both S=9+20dB in Detroit Michigan remote SDR.

15370 even fq RHC Arabic to North Africa 40degr azimuth,
S=8 signal strength in Detroit MI-state.
also Spanish sce on 9535, 9640 11760 and 11850 kHz, all even fq.

I guess only the Bauta transmitter #5 is sometimes faulty working:
“tx #5 sometimes irregular on air, or/and odd frequency”

13844.986 WWCR noted odd fq as always in 22 mb, S=8-9 -75dBm at 21.02 UT,
all traced on remote SDR in Detroit MI state.

73 wb df5sx

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