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Radio France budget cuts

Radio France must cut spending by 60 million Euros in the next three years, according to a report entitled “Radio France 2022,” presented on Monday by Sibyle Veil, the head of Radio France since last year, according to a report by L’Express magazine. Speaking of a “transformation” in all sectors, including digitalization, the report says state funding will decline while salary obligations increase. And 20 of the 60 million Euros will be used for digitalization. “25 million Euros in cuts will come from employee salaries,” Valeria Emanuele, of the Syndicat National des Journalists, told L’Express. Journalists account for 57 percent of the public radio budget. The SNJ tweeted that the reduction could mean 285 positions could be eliminated. The 39-page “Radio France 2022” report doesn’t mention job cuts, but says “certain people may wish to leave voluntarily.” (Mike Cooper, GA, June 4. DX LISTENING DIGEST)

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