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Russia electronic warfare

RUSSIA electronic warfare

From BBC Monitoring, July 5, 2019:

Text of report by privately-owned Russian military news agency Interfax-AVN on 2 July

A new electronic warfare (EW) battalion has been formed in the composition of Western Military District’s 20th Combined-Arms Army, the Military District reported on Tuesday [2 July].

“A separate electronic warfare battalion has been formed and has become part of a Western Military District combined-arms army. The battalion is the first in the Russian Armed Forces to be equipped with the Palantin system, the Military District reported.

The subunits of the new military unit are quartered in Voronezh Region, a Western Military District spokesman stated.

“The separate EW battalion is designed to coordinate with the Army Headquarters military command and control agencies to create effective electronic defence and countermeasures to technical reconnaissance systems”, the report said.

The Palantin EW system, which recently began to arrive in the Russian Army, is capable of “blinding” the enemy in the shortwave and ultra-shortwave bands, and also deprives him of cellular communications.

On 10 June, a Western Military District Press Service spokesman reported that they are creating a new tank regiment in the composition of 20th Combined-Arms Army. “The new military unit will be formed based upon the separate tank battalion with deployment location in Smolensk Region. The regiment, based upon its designation, will strengthen the motorised rifle division’s combat capabilities”, the Western Military District reported at that time.

They consider 20th Army to be the largest combined-arms formation in the Russian Armed Forces. The 20th Army Headquarters is located in Voronezh. The troops of 20th Combined-Arms Army are deployed in Voronezh, Kursk, Smolensk, and Bryansk Regions.

CREDIT: Interfax-AVN military news agency in Russian 2 Jul 19

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