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W4HM Daily MF-HF Radio Wave Propagation Forecast

Sorry for no daily MF/MF radio wave propagation forecast since June 23, 2019 due to personal illness. I appear to be headed for a second back surgery later this month. It is complex and takes up to one year to recover from it.
I’m a day late and a dollar short but the 3rd reverse polarity high latitude sunspot group of solar cycle 25 emerged long enough to be numbered by NOAA SWPC.
It emerged near S28E27 on Sunday July 7, 2019 but was gone about 36 hours later.
We are still seeing old solar cycle 24 sunspot groups emerge at low latitude. Eventually they will cease to emerge as solar cycle 25 get’s underway.
By the way just to reiterate my solar cycle 25 forecast made back in 2008 calls for the weakest solar cycle since the 1800’s with a smoothed sunspot number of <50.
Here’s my forecast in complete form:
Solar minimum will begin later in 2019-2020 and may last longer than any previous solar cycle in the 20th century. When solar cycle 25 finally gets underway it could be the weakest since the middle of the 19th century. Another “Dalton” type lesser grand solar minimum may occur with a corresponding cooling of earth’s climate.
This would negate anthropogenic climate change (harmful man induced global warming) if it were occurring, WHICH IT ISN’T.
For more “TRUTH” on the communist-marxist-socialist lie of anthropogenic climate change (harmful man induced global warming) check out and
On February 1, 2008 I forecasted that solar cycle 24 would be the smallest solar cycle in the past 100 years. That forecast verified. I also forecasted that solar cycle 25 would be almost non nonexistent SSN <50.

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