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1584 kHz available in London area

After London stations Panjab Radio and Love Sport swapped MW frequencies on 1st August, Panjab Radio has gone overboard celebrating and advertising their new 558 kHz frequency and much stronger signal (e.g. there’s 116 photos of inaugural ardass (prayers) for their new frequency on their Facebook page).

In contrast, Love Sport don’t seem to mention their new MW frequency 1584 kHz on their website, Facebook or on air. The Love Sport logo also now just mentions DAB, Online and Mobile. And no mention of MW on their top of hour ID on 1584 at 1000 UTC this morning. So it was no surprise to see Spectrum Radio Network announcing the availability of 1584 kHz from August 2019 on their website:

Channel availability August 2019Offers are invited for 1584Khz AM covering a large area of Central and North London. This frequency covers a highly populated area from the River Thames to Hampstead in the West, Enfield in the North and Ilford in the East. Click here for coverage details.

A London wide DAB channel offering access to 10 million potential listeners. Also available – 2 stereo DAB+ channels covering all of Greater London and again offering access to a potential 10 million listeners. For further details, contact The Spectrum Radio Network. (Alan Pennington via BCDX-UK)


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