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Wolfgang Bueschel: AIR monitoring


checked AIR outlets at 15 – 16 UT on Sept 12
on remote SDRs in Delhi, Qatar, Athen, Germany, Akitakata Japan.

4750even BGD S=9+25dB but unclean audio modulation sound.
4760even IND {yes, yes, I know the recent discussion
         about whether AIR from Ladakh or Pt. Blair discussion}
         S=9+10dB in Delhi, likely Ladakh ? who know?
4765even TJK yes, real Yangi Yul Tjk R1 is back on even fq, S=9
4799.998 1/2 IND  AIR Hyderabad S=9+10dB, QRM CNR1 Geermu ahead 4800
4810.008 IND  AIR Bhopal at 15.22 UT, S=9+20dB
4835even IND  AIR Gangtok, weak and tiny S=5-6, at 15.23 UT.
4910.003 IND  AIR Jaipur, S=9+35dB strong carrier,
         very low modulation though.

4920 – two outlet strings visible on this channel 18 Hertz apart
4919.982 and 4920.000 kHz equal signal power level,
S=9+15dB of IND  AIR Chennai, CHN Lhasa Tibet, 15.24 UT.

4949.996 IND  AIR Srinagar Kashmir, S=9+15dB at 15.27 UT.
5010v IND Thiruv. NOT ON AIR.
5040.004 IND  AIR Jeypore, S=9+5dB, 15.37 UT.
6140even IND  AIR Bangalore S=9+10dB at 15.39 UT.
9380.005 IND  AIR Aligarh, Hindi, poor S=6 local groundwave at 15.41 UT
9620.014 IND  AIR Aligarh, S=8 groundwave locally, low modulation
9865.002 IND  AIR Bangalore, S=9+10dB in DElhi, 15.45 UT.
9950even IND  AIR Bangalore, Swahili, S=6-7 poor signal in Delhi 15.46

73 wb  df5sx

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