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NRK to close LW 153 kHz but to upgrade Norway’s last MW station

Norway’s last LW station (Ingøy, 153 kHz) to close in October. The one remaining MW station (Longyearbyen 1485 kHz, Svalbard) proposed upgraded to 3 kW.

Full report in Norwegian:

(Bjarne Mjelde on Facebook Group, 18 Sept)

Google translation from Norwegian:
Although not many people are aware of this, NRK still has broadcasts on both long and medium wave. However, today NRK has a very limited service over radio on AM. Only the long-wave transmitter at Ingøy in Finnmark is still in operation, in addition to a medium-wave transmitter in Longyearbyen on Svalbard. Here NRK P1 is distributed with extended weather reports, among other things aimed at shipping.

NRK has now considered the need to continue broadcasting on AM, according to a letter the State channel has sent to the Ministry of Culture. NRK considers the utility of the broadcasts from Ingøy to be limited. The service is, according to NRK, in low use. In April 2018, stakeholders were given the opportunity to comment on the closing of this transmitter. No one has reported any objections to the termination of the service.

The coastal fishing fleet and other smaller vessels normally stay within the 50 kilometer limit and thus have the possibility of receiving DAB as well as weather over VHF. NRK’s ​​DAB network has now been developed and covers 50 km from the coast, NRK writes.

Seagoing vessels normally have the possibility of receiving radio and weather via satellite. NRK is available with weather forecasts for both Thor 5 and Sirius 4. With this in mind, NRK will close the broadcasts on the long wave from Ingøy in October 2019

NRK has a MW transmitter on AM [1485 kHz] in Longyearbyen at 1000 Watts. Feedback from the Governor and the population shows that this consignment is still used, especially at leisure and trapping cabins in parts of Svalbard. In addition, additional reception technology is desirable for emergency preparedness.

Today’s facility is approaching 50 years and must be replaced if it is to continue. NRK will therefore renew and upgrade the AM plant (from 1000watt to 3000watt) on Svalbard and continue it as Norway’s last AM station, the letter from NRK to the Ministry of Culture states.

NRK has previously broadcast radio broadcasts at AM, including from Kløfta, Kvitsøy, Fredrikstad and Vigra. These were previously closed down due to low usage, as well as the introduction of alternative reception technologies that are more cost-effective and user-friendly. Public broadcasters such as the BBC, DR and SR have in recent years also reduced their offerings on AM. Swedish Radio has put down all its services over AM.

Source: Ministry of Culture

(via Alan Pennington via BDXC News ml)

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