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Log of Sept 22, checked some NoAM SDR’s — in NJ, MI, and Cape Canaveral at 05.30-0630 UT

5040even CUB RHC Bauta, English, S=9+35dB powerful in NJ, at 05.30 UT
5025even CUB Radio Rebelde Bauta, Cuban Rumba mx performance at 05.35 UT
S=9+25dB, 20 kHz wideband signal block visible.
6165even CUB RHC Bauta in English, at CA / Vancouver azimuth westwards
though meant, S=8-9 in NJ, fluttery at 05.38 UT.
6155even AUT ORF1 Vienna via ORS Moosbrunn shortwave, S=9 in NJ 05.40 UT
talk on forestry and deer animals.
6138 – 6148 kHz OTHR block at 05.42 UT

6135.106 ?likely? very bad! condition this morning, Ascension and Brazil !
BRA poor S=4-5 carrier at 05.43 UT.

6125even F__ RTA Algerian HQ sermon and female singer then, relay via
TDF France in Issoudun. S=8-9 at 05.44 UT.
6100even CUB RHC Bauta in En, nice Latin singer at S=9+20dB in NJ and MI,
14 kHz wide signal block visible.
6080.027 STP VoA English scheduled, fair S=6 signal at 05.46 UT Sept 22.
6069.978 CAN CFRX Toronto, En, two men discussion about welfare, medical
problems and help organizations. S=9 in NJ nice nighttime signal
on east coast of US. 05.48 UT.
6030 kHz S=8-9 at 05.50 UT, 8 kHz wideband scratch jamming only heard.
6015even ROU RRI Galbeni English program, S=8-9 in NJ at 05.51 UT.
6010.035 likely very poor Brazilian, tiny S=4 at 05.52 UT.
6005even ASC very poor and tiny this morning S=4 at 05.51 UT.
splatter from RHC adjacent
5999.995 CUB RHC from Quivican San Felipe TITAN bcast center site,
S=9+25dB signal, little distorted quality, talk on Spanish
history in Cuba in 1869 year, 20 kHz wideband signal.
5985even ALB Unfortunatelly poor signal this morning, CRI European
relay in Albania. S=5 only on Sept 22 at 05.55 UT.
5970even USA EWTN in Spanish language, female presenter, S=9+10dB
at 05.56 UT, “Radio Catholica Mundial”, 11 kHz wideband.
5960even ASC to Nigeria, one of the very poor signals this morning.
5935even USA WWCR S=9+30db powerful Gospel singer, 05.58 UT
5899.989 Carrier poor at JBA S=3-4
5875even ASC poor threshold S=4-5 JBA level.
5800.012 USA Likely WRMI carrier and poor modulated S=5 signal in NJ
singer group at 06.01 UT.
5766 – 5778 kHz OTHR S=6-7 at 06.03 UT.
5787 – 5797 kHz OTHR hopping around
5769 – 5779 kHz …
5939.699 BRA Voz Missionaria fair S=5 signal at 06.06 UT on Sept 22.
7334.995 USA IBB BBG Radio Marti in Spanish from Greenville bcast
center of glory past history, S=9 in NJ at 06.11 UT.
10 kHz widespan signal, talk on Cuba – what else ?
7365even USA IBB BBG Radio Marti in Spanish from Greenville bcast
same site, little weaker signal in NJ, channel hit much
of SCRATCH jamming noise of the Cuban friends. 06.13 UT.
9664.845 BRA Missionaria(?) tentat JBA poor S=4-5 at 06.15 UT
9700even ROU RRI German sce via Tiganesti site at 06.18 UT,
S=7 strong in 31 mb at NJ and Cape Canaveral NoAM.
9410even STP BBC English via IBB BBG Sao Tome, S=5.
9420.002 GRC ERT Avlis Church singer, S=5-6 at 06.20 UT.
9440even U.K. BBC French scheduled via Woofferton site at 06.21 UT
S=6 sidelobe to Cape Canaveral FL
9620even F__ RTA Arabic Sahel sce, rent on TDF Issoudun France site
06.00-06.58 UT, heard at 06.22 UT.
9630.409 BRA likely Aparecida in Bras Portuguese, but poor S=4 today
9790even F__ RFI Issoudun in French, at 200degr azimuth to CeAF Sahel
also poor S=4-5 around 06.25 UT in NJ US.
10 MHz USA WWV Colorado S=7-8 at 06.26 UT.
7254.939 NIG Voice of Nigeria, Abuja, ?Fulfulde? S=7-8 signal at
06.28 UT on Sept 22.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Sept 22)

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