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Zambia – Chinese & South Sudan


Text of report in English by South Sudan state-owned SSBC TV (formerly SSTV) on 6 September

[Presenter] South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) launched the
construction of new studios and offices within its premises on Friday
[6 September].

The project which is funded by the Chinese government through China Aid that is aimed at strengthening ties and improving the country’s
infrastructure is expected to be completed in two years time.

The Minister of Information, Communication and Postal Services, Michael Makuei Lueth, alongside the senior staff of the ministry and SSBC, unveiled the foundation stone at the groundbreaking ceremony.

In his address at the construction site, Makuei thanked China for
supporting South Sudan and developing her infrastructure.

[Michael Makuei] China has ever been with us. It has ever been standing with the people of South Sudan in all the difficulties in which we passed through. Today, China came in for this very important project and as I said earlier, this is not the only project but there are so many other projects as enumerated by Comrade Andruga (South Sudanese ambassador to China). The Chinese have been standing with us ever since, before and after the peace and their commitment is clear and understood by the people of South Sudan. With this project now, they are adding more, to all the efforts, all the projects, all the
donations they were providing to South Sudan.

[Presenter] On his part, the Chinese Ambassador to South Sudan, Hua
Ning said construction of SSBC studios is part of the Chinese policy of people-to-people cooperation in Africa.

[Hua Ning] Media cooperation exchange is one of the most important
parts of a people-to-people exchange program.

[Presenter] Meanwhile, South Sudan’s Ambassador to China, John Andruga Duku, hailed the historic relations between the two countries and described them as mutually beneficial and genuine.

[John Andruga] You see that the relationship between South Sudan and
China develops in three strategic areas: Political cooperation,
economic cooperation, and cultural exchange.

[Presenter] The Managing Director of SSBC, James Magok Chilim, said the construction of the studios would improve the technical application of broadcast service on the airwave.

[James Magok] After completion, we believe that we shall be well
technically and they would be the first modern studios for TV broadcast in the Republic of South Sudan. The completion of these studios will help us meet the requirements and deadline of digital migration. This is one of the greatest projects supported by the People’s Republic of China in South Sudan alongside other major projects.

[Presenter] The Chairman of SSBC’s Board of Directors, Professor
William Hai Zaza said this project puts the country in the right track of global digital migration by the year 2020.

[William Hai Zaza] They have shown us good friendship as was stated by the engineer and because we have seen the timeframe of digital
migration although the time has been extended to 2020. We are already
in the third quarter of 2019.

[Presenter] The project according to Contractor Ling Jang, who spoke in Chinese, will include radio and television studios and recording halls, satellite signal reception system, live broadcast system, shortwave signal transmitter and recreational facilities to transform the image of SSBC and improve broadcast of programming, including cooperation with Chinese media in cultural exchange areas.

CREDIT: South Sudan Broadcasting Corporation (SSBC) TV in English 1700 gmt 6 Sep 19 (BBC Monitoring, Sep 7, via Mike Cooper, DXLD)

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