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Wolfgang Bueschel log

Log Oct 6th at 01.15 to 02.45 UT, traced in Eastern US states,
remote SDR’s used at Cape Canaveral FL, Massachusetts, Detroit MI state,
and at Edmonton, Alberta Canada too.

7490.059 USA WBCQ tentat., S=8 in FL remote rx, 01.20 UT Oct 6,
likely ‘SW Saturday’. Wideband 7489 to 7492 kHz distortion
continously pulse SCRATCHING audio tone.
7260.003 TUR VoTurkey Emirler, Spanish lang section, S=9+25dB proper at
01.23 UT in FL state.
7305even USA Vatican Radio interval signal, at 0126 UT, S=9+35dB in FL
state, via US IBB BBG Greenville NC relay site, 11.2 kHz wide
signal. Excellent audio feed quality, one of the better TXs at
Greenville North Carolina, excellente! VR id at 01.30:40 UT.
01.00-01.30 UT Portuguese, 01.30-01.45 UT Spanish.
7315.004 USA VoVTN Hanoi in Spanish, via US private SW relay site
WHRI at Cypress Creek, Furman South Carolina,
S=9+20dB at 01.33 UT on Oct 6.
7334.996 USA US BBG Radio Marti organization in Spanish towards Cuba
island audience, ‘speedy talk’ by two men, at 01.35 UT, at
10 kHz wideband feed, … but better audio on \\
7365even USA US BBG Radio Marti organization in Spanish from same BBG
bcast center site, S=9+30dB in FL, 10 kHz wideband audio
‘… musica publica …’ at 01.38 UT on Oct 6.
7380even IND AIR Bangalore in Sindhi language 0045-0200 UT, noted at
01.39 UT, S=8-9 signal in FL state. Reduced from 500 to 400 kW
7505even … 7505.007 kHz unstable fq, UNID, S=5 in FL rx at 01.41 UT.
7570even USA WRMI TOM BS roarer, S=7 in FL short skip, 01.42 UT.
7730even USA WRMI TOM BS roarer, S=7 in FL short skip, 01.43 UT.
7780even USA WRMI, Aoki Nagoya list mentioned ‘worship in your home’,
S=7 at 01.44 UT.
5800.015 unstable fq, ? WRMI exciter only ?, reserve TX low power TX ?
S=4-5 in FL state, at 01.45 UT on Oct 6. Low modulation level
5829.987 USA WTWW pastor, sermon, English, 2.4 kHz small audio feed,
mention ‘I’m a Jew …’ at 01.48 UT.
5850even USA WRMI Okeechobee FL bcast center, English pop mx program,
at 01.50 UT, S=9+10dB at Cape Canaveral FL, seems a non-dir
fountain like antenna characteristic, one of their stronger
WRMI site signals, also heard even nearby in FL state.
5930even AUT BBC London in Dari language to Persia and Afghanistan
via Austrian relay site ORS Moosbrunn, at 01.50 UT on Oct 6.
No BUZZ tone heard though, but two strings visible
+/- 100 Hertz either sideband.
5939.652 BRA Radio Voz Missionaria, BrasPort, S=6 -89dBm at 01.54 UT.
5960even D__ Only weekend program ?, ‘Mighty KBC Radio’ Dutch, pop mx
program via MBR Nauen Germany site, S=9+30dB strength at FL,
at 01.55 UT on Sunday Oct 6. 11 kHz wideband audio signal.
5999.992 and 5999.996 two strings visible, Iran and RHC Cuba strings
co-channel S=8-9 strength in Cape Canaveral Florida site,
like equal signal mixture. But to compare both signals, in
Massachusetts remote SDR:
RHC from Quivican San Felipe TITAN site is much stronger
than IRIB Sirjan 500 kW at 53degr azimuth sidelobe in Tajik
language, into US east coast at 01.57 UT.
6020even ALB CRI Beijing English/Mandarin lessons, via CRI European
relay site at Cerrik Albania, combined 2×150 = 300 kW power
S=9+45dB powerhouse, 01.58 UT, ‘..I would like a haircut..’
powerhouse 20 kHz wideband audio visible on screen.
6050minus a single Hertz, EQA HCJB Quito, Latin AM music, S=7 in FL
but S=9 straight in Massachusetts remote SDR, at 02.01 UT.
6055even BUL TOM BS roarer, scratchy audio via Satellite feed ?,
small bandwidth, at 02.02 UT S=9+10dB strong in FL state. Via
SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd. Sofia Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site
6069.982 CAN CFRX Toronto En program, S=8-9 in FL SDR at 02.04 UT.
and co-channel tiny string signal of BrasPort 6070.096 kHz.
6080even ROU RRI Bucharest Spanish program from Tiganesti site, was
6040 kHz requested before in March, 10 kHz wideband signal.
Talk theme on Moldova matter. S=9+35dB power at 02.06 UT.
6105even F__ NHK Radio Japan Spanish sce, via TDF Issoudun relay site
500kW at 290degr to ITU zones 10 and 11. S=9+45dB powerhouse
18 kHz wideband signal, in mx peaks up to 40 kHz audio block
At 02.09 UT on Oct 6.
6184.994 MEX XEPPM Radio Educacion, Mexico City, Spanish program,
S=8 in Cape Canaveral Florida site at 02.12 UT on Oct 6,
music mix, but LOW MODULATION this morning.
5900even BUL BVB Arabic program via SPC-NURTS Spaceline Ltd. Sofia
Kostinbrod Bulgaria relay site. S=9+20dB in Massachusetts
US state remote SDR, only 02.15-02.30 UT scheduled,
at 02.18 UT. ‘…Messias…’ 8.4 kHz wide audio block,
nice audio feed, one of their better TX units at SpaceLine.
5919.996 USA WHRI2 The Harvest Show, ? sermon, S=9+35dB in MA-US.
02.22 UT on Oct 6, ‘Grace in Love on our Jesus Christ’,
10.4 kHz wideband audio, underneath some different audio
{of WHRI internal net feed ? } heard.
5980 kHz 6 kHz wide SCRATCH TONE jammer heard at 02.24 UT
S=9+10dB in MA state US.
5999.996 CUB in Massachusetts remote SDR:
RHC from Quivican San Felipe TITAN site much strong on
US east coast. 02.27 UT. S=9+40dB powerhouse, 22 kHz wide
span signal, some distorted audio feed noted, not clean
modulation on Oct 6.
6165even CUB ? Very low modulated signal, RHC English, 02.36 UT
JBA in Florida, S=7 in Massachusetts remote SDR, via
western azimuth towards CA antenna, S=9+15dB strength –
heard in Edmonton, Alberta, western Canada.
7505.003 USA WRNO English sermon, pastor, at 02.38 UT on Oct 6,
S=9+40dB power noted in Alberta SDR. 11 kHz wideband
audio block visible. Sermon on Israel theme. Narrow
audio bandwidth sound, like an older recording.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Oct 6)

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