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TWN SOH – CNR1 jamming – distinctive feature

When logged SOH often in past years, and are familiar with China mainland jamming against them, it’s easy to distinguish both:

nearly 98% of the CNR1 jammers are even frequency, some few are on slight some Hertz up xxxxx.005 kHz, when jamming end, they leave the air mostly exact at xx.00 UT hour, and appear on a different channel some 3 – 5 minutes later.

most – if not all TWN SOH are >>out-of-band frequencies<< at huge disparity in power levels,

except few ones which are marked as ‘SOH – RFA’ combination in Aoki database list at – probably – 100 kW level origin from the Taiwanese site.

73 wolfie df5sx

TAIWAN. 13530, SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng (Taiwan Shortwave 22 meters band) Locution local 09:41 UTC 12 Octuber 2019
Receiver: Grundig Satellit 800 Millennium; Antenna: DS Antenas + Balun
(Daniel Wyllyans Nova Xavantina MT Brazil, Hard-Core-DX mailing list via DXLD)

VP reception; yes, it sounds like Chinese but I cannot make out a SOH ID as listed in Chinese. How do you know this was not CNR1 jamming, which is always much more likely to be heard than SOH itself? On most of these out-of-band frequencies a huge disparity in power levels. Was it slightly off-frequency? that would help make it SOH. Did you compare to known CNR1 frequencies and find this was not \\? That would also add to the case for SOH.

Aoki listings with an * mean there is JAMMING!!!
13530 2110-1550 TWN * SOH Xi Wang Zhi Sheng Chi Miaoli 1-7

Sorry I have to keep raising this question. Anyone about to log SOH should explain how they have ruled out CNR1 jamming. The ChiCom must be grinning every time someone make this mistake (Glenn Hauser, DXLD)

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