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Wolfgang Bueschel: Korea observations

re 3905 kHz

Checked the Koreans and and some non-around, 10.45-12.35 UT on Nov 8
at remote SDR rxs in Hiroshima, Gifu and north of Tokyo Japan:

KOREA REP of / D.P.R. 3904.965 VoP Korean program,
and KRE ditter-bubble jammer underneath, S=9+50 powerhouse 11.08 UT

2017.500 UNIDentified Echo spoken bcast in Hiroshima, S=6 at 10.50 UT
USB-mode signal some Maritime service here.
2130.000 and 2446.0 kHz maritime talk sce ?
2462 kHz 6 kHz broadband digital data block visible. 10.51 UT.
2500even USA Hawaii WWVH time and standard signal, S=8 in Japan 10.53 UT.
2582.0 JPN USB-mode S=9 signal some Japanese Radio annmt loop.
2850even KRE KCBS Pyongyang S=9+30dB, 10.55 UT, 10.6 kHz wideband audio.
3219.887 much odd fq of KCBS Hanmung site, army Brass band mx and soldier
choir performance, S=9+15dB in Japan. 10.57 UT on Nov 8th.
3319.996 KRE Pyongyang BS Korean, S=9+40dB powerhouse at 11.00 UT,
16 kHz wideband audio signal.
3325even UNIDentified JBA threshold level signal at 11.28 UT on Nov 8,
S=3-4 or poor -103dBm. Music / songs like NBC PNG ?
3474.988 KOR VoP Korean, S=9+40dB powerful, and underneath bubble-
ditter jamming from KRE, 11 x jamming strings visible on
either sideband, 11.03 UT on Nov 8.
3560 kHz No DRM mode data block seen from Kujang – KRE at 11.06 UT.
3904.965 KOR VoP Korean program, and KRE ditter-bubble jammer underneath,
S=9+50 powerhouse 11.08 UT.
3925even JPN R Nikkei 1, Jpn at S=9+35dB strength.
3929.988 KOR VoP Korean, S=9+45dB powerhouse, and underneath at 11.10 UT
scratch/bubble jamming from KRE.
3945even JPN R Nikkei 2 at 11.11 UT, Jpn at S=9+50dB stronger …
3985.012 KOR EoH Korean px, S=9+50dB powerhouse at 11.13 UT NOT JAMMED.
3984.994 CHN underneath CNR2 programm, Geermu #916 center, co-channel.
4010.219 KGZ R Bishkek Rechka, poor S=3-4 at -106dBm level, 11.36 UT.
4450even KOR VoP program heard underneath at 11.37 UT,
and co-channel
4449.954 kHz KRE 11.40 UT, S=9+35dB jammer from D.P.R. – 20 kHz wide,
strongest Jamming signal today in 90, 80 and 60 mb.
4557 kHz KRE S=9+20dB jammer at 11.42 UT, BUT AGAINST WHOM ?
4749.991 CHN CNR1 Hailar, Chinese, S=9+15dB at 11.44 UT.
4764 – 4856 wideband OTHR splatter …
4800even CHN CNR1 + OTHR, S=9+15dB, 11.46 UT.
4810.006 IND AIR Mumbai, S=6 and + OTHR.
4820even CHN PBS Xizang Lhasa Tibet, in Tibetan, S=9+5dB 11.48 UT + OTHR
4840even USA weak string of WWCR visible in Tokyo Japan, 11.49 UT.
4885.005 KOR EoH-VoH, S=8-9 fair signal, happy hour, laughing presenter,
at 11.50 UT on Nov 8. NOT JAMMED AT ALL !
4900even CHN VoStrait Fuzhou, in Amoy lang scheduled, S=9+10dB 11.51 UT
4905even CHN PBS Xizang Lhasa Tibet, in Tibetan, S=9+5dB 11.52 UT
and \\ 4919.977 kHz also from Lhasa Baiding Tibet site.
4910.002 IND AIR Jaipur, poor tiny modulated, S=5 or -96dBm at 11.54 UT
4940even CHN VoStrait Fuzhou, in Amoy lang scheduled, S=9+10dB 11.57 UT
4980even IND AIR Srinagar in Hindi, fair S=6 signal, but low modulation
5006even JPN HFD 2 watt station from Tokyo-Chofu, S=8 at 12.00, H3A CW
5025even CUB Radio Rebelde, heard in Japan at 12.02 UT, S=7-8 signal.
5040.002 IND AIR Jeypore, S=5-6 strength, noted at 12.03 UT.
5049.997 CHN VoBeibu program from Nanning site, S=9 strength in Hiroshima.
5055.006 tentativelly AUS poor S=4-5 string visible, 4KZ px at 12.05 UT.
5857.500 KOR HLL Meteo station, S=7 at 12.08 UT on Nov 8.
5995 KRE ONLY KRE JAMMING here, S=9+20dB strength,
not heard of KOR station px.
KOR/KRE – nothing observed on 6000 to 6010 kHz range, empty.
6010even covered by CNR-11 px stn, 12.10 UT.
6015 KRE powerful S=9+20dB jamming, nothing of KOR pxs, 12.13 UT
10 kHz wideband jamming block.
6030 kHz CHN 10 kHz wideband DRM mode Beijing block visible, 12.14 UT.
6045 KRE ONLY KRE JAMMING here, S=9+5dB, 10 kHz wideband signal,
not heard of KOR station px. 12.16 UT.
6070even KRE VoKorea Kanggye site, Japanese sce, piano mx program
at 12.18 UT on Nov 8.
6169.985 KRE VoKorea / KCBS Korean program S=9+15dB in Hiroshima JPN,
12.21 UT from Kujang site.
6185even KRE VoKorea / KCBS Korean program S=9+15dB in Hiroshima JPN,
12.23 UT from Kujang site.
6249.996 KOR EoH/VoP px at S=9+5dB level, NOT STRONG KRE jamming 12.24 UT
6350.035 KOR/KRE both S=8 equal signal level. 12.26 UT on Nov 8.
6400.009 KRE Sweet lady singer group Pyongyang BS, S=9+10dB at 12.28 UT.
6520 up to 6563 kHz severe JAMMING from KRE at 12.29 UT on Nov 8.
6595even KOR/KRE VoP, and up to 6621 kHz KRE severe jamming of both
S=9+20dB equal level.
9099.997 KOR EoH/VoH from Seoul, S=8 signal at 12.35 UT Nov 8.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Nov 8)

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