lunedì 9 Dicembre 2019
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4750 Bangladesh Shavar

BANGLADESH 4750even Came across of BGD signal around 12.58 – 13.00 UT in
remote SDR rx at Delhi. S=9+35dB powerhouse, MUCH MUCH OVERMODULATED,
I guess the BGD technicans KILL the Thomcast TX at Dhaka Shavar soon,

and after final annmt at 13.00 UT
heard powerful BUZZ on 150, 250, 350 … Hertz peaks distance,
as well as powerful 1 kHz distance either sideband visible –
test tone continously.

when checked at 15.45 UT same 1000 Hertz test tone heard on 4750 kHz again,

73 wb df5sx

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