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Seabreeze 1395 kHz transmitter site relocation

Dutch station Radio Seabreeze (1395 kHz) moves transmitter site back to Grou (from Akkrum) on Saturday 23rd November and hopes this will improve their signal strength. They had to move in spring 2018 when their previous site, the Aquaverium in Grou, closed:

“More than a year ago, the Aquaverium was closed and we had to leave the building with our station. Happily, the family veldhuis of IJsboerderij boereiis gave us the opportunity to continue with our station. The 33 metre high silo gave off a less strong signal, but we were on-air again. The Aquaverium has recently re-opened and we have been able to arrange a lease for our station! Because this location is so incredibly efficient for the radio signal, we expect to be able to return to the old strength of previously. Next Saturday (November 23th) we will move the channel from the IJsboerderij boereiis in Akkrum to Grou. We have now received the amended permit from the AT. This does mean that we will be off the air for a few hours next Saturday….
From this place our warmest thanks for the family veldhuis, we can even keep this location as a backup. Of course, we continue to advertise their delicious boereijs. We also have a new sponsor because of this move: Boathus. NL, which is a boat storage in the Aquaverium. Radio Seabreeze will be focusing more on the watersporter in the north of the country next year. How and in what way will we post here next spring.”

(Seabreeze AM on Facebook 19 November via Alan Pennington via BCDX io group)


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