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Armenian MW Frequencies

ARMENIA: Some observations on Armenian frequencies by Rumen Pankov
864 kHz:   1610-1740 TWR including Russian 1640-1710 M-F from Bishkek studio
1350 kHz:  1745-1830 TWR in Kurmanji Kurdish & Turkish.
                  (Sundays 1803-1823 in English translated into Turkish)
                  1928-2129 various Arabic including Sedaye Zindagi , IBRA etc.  
1377 kHz:  1800-2002 (Sat 1830-2002) TWR in Sorani Kurdish & Farsi
1395 kHz:  1330?-1559 Iran International TV in Persian // 11570v or 6270v
                  1600-1745 Armenian Radio in Kurdish, Turkish, Azeri
                  1745-0500v Iran International TV in Persian // 6270
(Iran International’s TV ID in Farsi is “Media Azadi Iran International“)
(Rumen Pankov, Bulgaria, 16 Jan, BDXC-UK Communication, Feb)

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