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GREECE Athens, Zakynthos and Thessaloniki remote SDR rx log – Febr 14.

GREECE and surrounding

here my Febr 14 this 09.55 – 10.40 UT morning log,
also 14-16 UT this afternoon,
taken on various remote SDR rxs in Athen, Thessaloniki,
and Zakynthos Island too.

558even ROU SRR Tirgu Jiu, Romanian, S=9+10dB at 14.43 UT on Febr 14.
576even BUL Bulgarian Radio Bulg. from Vidin site, S=9+10dB at 14.43 UT.
729.012 GRC ERA Net ERA 1 Proto MW program via Athens Lakonias Street,

Tremendous S=9+55dB or -20dBm powerhouse signal noted in Athens.
20 kHz wide audio block visible on screen. Talk px at 09.55 UT.
791.998 GRC Carrier only likely local S=9+55dB tremendous signal 14.40UT
827.998 GRC Scheduled Studio 24 / 54 ? acc different print in WRTH 2020.
Athens-GRC. Empty carrier of S=9+45dB at 09.57 UT and 14.04 UT.
855.018 ROU SRR Bucarest, Romanian, S=9+10dB at 14.03 UT.
863.998 UNID S=4-5 at 14.04 UT.
918.002 GRC UNID Pirate private? station. S=9+35dB powerful at 09.58 UT.
936.002 UNID at 14.05 UT
944.999 GRC Radio ‘Mousikos Episkeptis’ Athens, exciting music
mix program at 09.59 UT at S=9+25dB strength level.
US Free Jazz lady singer in performance,
then followed by TELSTAR guitar instrumental piece,
and at 10.40 UT into Greek Folk Music play … “Mona Lisa” and
other songs of the 60ties at 14.06 UT.
953.998 GRC Folk mx S=9+35dB at 14.07 and 14.35 UT.
970.988 GRC Empty carrier at 14.10 UT, S=9+35dB, and WHISTLE tone
mixture of 1012 Hertz interference distance against
972even GRC UNID Pirate private station. S=9+35dB powerful at 09.59 UT.
moody Greek folk music lady singer, moody like Fado music …
1007.995 GRC ERA Net ERA 1 Proto MW program via Kerkira center.
S=9+30dB on Zakynthos Island in western Greece.
S=6 or -88dBm in Athens capital at 10.02 / 10.39 UT on Febr 14.
1027.044 GRC variable fq up and down, UNID Pirate mx station,
S=6 or -88dBm in Athens capital at 10.04 UT.
1044.003 GRC? empty carrier of tremendous S=9+45dB strength at 14.12 UT.
1062.001 ITA Rai Italian program, likely from Catania site. S=5-6.
1100.150 … variable up to x.600 GRC Greek singer sweet song selection
at 14.14 UT S=9+35dB powerhouse in Athens. Also another against
1100.933 UNID stn.
1106.987 GRC R 322 Athens, acc WRTH 2020 file on page #219. Folk music.
Powerhouse signal at 10.05 and 14.15 UT, S=9+40dB strength,
30 kHz wideband audio.
1130.168 ??? Pirate station ? 10.37 UT.
1152.010 ROU SRR Cluj Napoca Romanian, S=9+20dB at 14.16 UT \\ 1179 kHz
1178.992 ROU SRR Bacau Galbeni Romanina, S=9+15dB at 14.17 UT
1188.008 GRC R Nicolaos Elata heard Greek folk mx at 10.06 & 14.18 UT,
S=9+30dB and
1188even HNG Hungarian R Marcali, also 14.28 UT on Zakynthos S=9.
1196.989 ROU SRR Brasov Bod likely, 14.29 UT in likely regional Hungarian
1224.302 GRC? probably Greek Pirate radio station, played folk mx.
Variable fq of .286 … .302 kHz. S=9+10dB strength.
1232.409 ??? Pirate station, tiny S=4 at 10.34 UT, variable fq .400 -.500
1251even HNG Hungarian Radio Szombathely, S=7 at 14.52 UT.
1256.988 GRC Empty carrier, no audio, S=9+35dB at 14.46 UT.
1286.998 GRC? Only empty carrier of S=9+25dB power on air, already 10.06UT
at 14.46 UT noted instrumental orchestra saxophone solo mx.
1304.996 GRC Likely ERA Net ERA 1 Proto MW program via Tripoli-GRC.
Balkan flute mx at 10.07 & 14.47 UT,
S=9+5 in Athens and on Zakynthos Island.
1314even ROU SRR Constanta in Romanian, S=9+10dB at 14.48 UT.
1322.996 ROU Likely SRR Targu Mures ?, S=9+10dB at 14.49 UT.
1331.998 ??? UNID weak and tiny S=4 at 10.18 UT. see
ROU SRR Galati in Romanian. S=9+10dB at 15.00 UT.
1341.996 much odd frequency
GRC Star Radio Athens, S=9+5dB poor at 10.08 and 14.57 UT.
also odd Arabic Egyptian songs of the 60ties, on 1341 kHz.
1403.998 ROU SRR Sighetul Mares, Romanian at 14.56 UT.
1413even MDA Pridnestrovie Grigoriopol program, tiny at 10.20 UT.
1421.995 ROU RRA Olanesti, Romanian, S=8 at 15.02 UT on Febr 14.
1458.001 ROU SRR Constanta, fluttery signal at 15.03 UT at S=7-8 level.
1494even MDA likely Romanian/Moldavian program, tiny at 10.21 UT.
At 15.05 UT echo effect mixture of both Moldavian outlets from
Edinet and Cahul locations, S=9+5dB.
1503.001 EGY ERTU Koran El Arish in Arabic, S=5-6 at 15.06 UT.
and UNID stn string 1502.861 kHz.
1521even ARS SBA Duba, high power stn, S=9+15dB in Athens, 15.07 UT
1529.998 ROU SRR S=9+10dB at 15.08 UT, 12 kHz wide signal, and
1530.010 UNID stn string too.
1539even GRC Greek Voreihos Ios Thessaloniki stn, S=8 in Zakynthos isl.
1548even GRC UNIDentified Greek mx progr at 15.09 UT, but only S=7.
1548even KWT USAGM relay of Radio Sawa Kuwait. S=9 at 15.24 UT.
1557.010 ??? UNID stn S=7-8 at 10.12 UT on Febr 14. Italy pirate?
1558.200 GRC variable amateurish fq, Greek mx at 15.25 UT, S=6.
1565.981 GRC Greek folk mx, S=8-9 at 15.27 UT.
1575even ITA Rai R Uno Genua likely ?, poor S=5 at 15.29 UT.
1583.954 GRC Ilida Radio, Kastro Amaliada <info -at->
Powerhouse S=9+40dB at local Zakynthos Island. 10.23 UT.
1592.921 UNID Arabic sce.
1592.994 & 1592.986 kHz ROU SRR Oradea / Sibiu and others,
likely Hungarian dom sce at 15.10 UT.
9 different strings visible at 15.35 UT.
1601.974 and 1602even kHz two peak GRC Greek folk mx at 15.44 UT S=6.
1610.992 Pirate stn 15.11 UT.
1619.996 & 1620.122 kHz two peaks Pirate stn 15.12 UT. Greek mx 15.45 UT
1621.822 Pirate stn 10.25 UT
1624.998 whistle tone at 15.27 UT. GRC Greek mx at 15.46 UT S=9+5dB.
1639.954 GRC Greek pirate mx station 15.38 UT.
1643.129 Pirate stn 10.26 UT, variable fq .080 … .130 kHz.
1649.991 Greek pirate stn at 15.16 UT, S=9+10dB.
Professional program design, S=9+20dB at 15.40 UT.
1659.843 GRC Variable fq, roarer Greek speech like, the Greek lovely
sweet songs, S=9+5dB at 15.48 UT.
1659.990 GRC Two Greek radio programs, – fight each other ? –
1660.027 GRC too.
1669.997 GRC Greek talk powerful S=9+30dB signal at 15.42 UT.
Hopped / wandered to 1670.007 kHz.
1689.996 GRC Greek folk mx S=9 at 15.43 UT, variable frequency
move, wandered up to 1690.086 kHz …

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 14)

GREECE Apparently ERT will no longer confirm reports.

They sent a response to the report for receiving ERA 1 Proto Programma
at 729 kHz:

Dear Mr. Dmitry Elagin,
Thank you for your message. The broadcasting center from which you receive
the signal on the AM band at frequency of 729 kHz,
is at MPOGIATI ATTIKIS GREECE. Mr. Gazidellis has retired.
Best regards,
Milia Kotsioni-GRC, E-mail: <diktio -at->
(DE – Dmitry Elagin, Saratov-RUS, deneb-radio-dx
via RUSdx #1067 via wwdxc BC-DX TopNews Febr 9)

729 kHz GRC location at Athens Lakonias Street, see Google.Maps at

btw. Nice daytime signals too:
Hungarian and Polish nationals may hear listen their MW 540 and LW 225 kHz
radio outlets during holiday making on the Korfu beaches. wb.

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