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International Radio for Disaster Relief

Vatican – The HFCC is still pursuing a project that has not gone beyond demonstration programmes for years. With a registration at Santa Maria di Galeria (100 kW, nd), frequencies are reserved per band that are to be used for an International Radio for Disaster Relief (

Summer 2020
5910: 0000-0100, 0500-0600, 2100-2400 h
7400: 1800-1300, 1700-1800, 2000-2400 h, with the aim of 24 h
9430: 0100-2400, aim 24 h
11840: 0300-0100, aim 24 h
13620: 24 h
15650: 24 h
17500: 24 h
18950: 24 h
21840: 24 h
26010: 24 h
Currently, it is only about keeping the frequencies (± 5 kHz) free of other assignments.

Glenn Hauser commented already years ago that it would be/have been helpful if the frequencies were used at least occasionally. However, this was not the case even after the start of the worldwide Corona crisis. Although almost all international broadcasting services make Corona a major headline in reporting, there are no concerted actions to activate IRDR.

Actually, only Steve Bannon seems to have put Corona specials in short wave. Imagine IBA-Nexus who was looking for a free frequency in the 7-MHz-band changing to 7400 kHz. Would that provide the trustworthy medical advice people in the non-privileged countries would need?

Dr Hansjoerg Biener 23 March 2020 (via WOR io group)

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