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Wolfgang Bueschel log

CUBA 5999.995 kHz RHC Spanish, probably from Quivican bcast center, S=9+35dB signal strength of empty carrier at 10.55 UT on Monday March 30. Program start exact at 11 UT.

7340even RHC Spanish from Bejucal site towards Antilles azimuth target. not on air at program start at 11 UT, but later in full service when checked at 11.05 UT.

7335 kHz adjacent.
Heavy sideband QRM splash signal of powerhouse US Radiostation Marti of AGM United States Agency for Global Media (USAGM) at Greenville – B site in North Carolina.

9535.003 kHz RHC Bejucal noted at S=9+5dB level in Bonaire Antilles remote SDR rx unit. At 11.06 UT on March 30.

11760even RHC Bauta towards all-Carribean bassin. S=9+15dB or -63dBm at 12.00 UT on Monday March 30.

13700 kHz nothing / empty channel at 12 UT.

13780even RHC Bauta in Spanish, S=9+10dB at 12.03 UT on March 30. (ex 13740 kHz in B-19, now TDF RFI French from Issoudun in A-20 season). At Bonaire remote SDR S=9+25dB or -54dBm towards Antilles azimuth target.

15140 kHz TOTALLY DISTORTED AUDIO as observed terribly in past 2 – 3 weeks on that channel/hour. RHC Bauta site ? S=9+10dB or -70dBm at 12.04 UT.

15230 kHz off air at 11-12 UT, rather scheduled now 13-15 UT. Excellent audio at remote Bonaire Kiwiset, S=9+10dB or -70dBm. Coming probably from Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site towards Brazil Argentina target.

9570even CUB CRI via Latin American relay site Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW site, S=9+10dB or -66dBm strength, carrier from 11.57 UT, and CRI Beijing Cantonese sce start at 12.00 UT in A-20 season now.

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 30)

ps. others heard on Bonaire (TWR KIWIset remotedly)
15275 TDF Mandingo language to WeAF via Issoudun bcast center at 12.00-1230 UT, S=8-9 signal, at 12.26 UT.

17845 UAE BBC Somali via Al Dhabbaya S=7 or -85dBm to North-East Africa, heard at 12.19 UT in Kiwiset at Bonaire island.

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