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A20 schedule: IRRS

Just a short update to inform you that since March 29, 2020 IRRS-Shortwave is operating according to the A20 frequency schedule, available at:

New daily broadcasts on Shortwave have been added recently to Europe, Africa and Asia/Pacific. We also operate daily on AM/Medium Wave on 594 kHz from Northern Italy from 1900-2300 CET. Best reception on Medium Wave in southern and central Europe is being reported when we air at full power (10 kW) Mon-Thu from 2200-2300 CET and from 1900-2300 CET on Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

We also are available 24/7 on (simulcast) streaming at:

Broadcasting airtime on Live streaming audio

Coronavirus (COVID-19) feature programs and news are updated every 30 minutes, and aired regularly on all MW & SW frequencies and on streaming 24/7. Details on our coronavirus eQSL card are available at:

Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic: IRRS Global daily Shortwave broadcasts

Wherever you are, please stay safe and follow local guidelines to prevent the epidemic to spread even further.

From all the team at NEXUS-IBA and IRRS

Ron Norton NEXUS-Int’l Broadcasting Association


*A20 Summer 2020 Shortwave schedule
A20 / Summer 2020 schedule for IRRS-Shortwave effective 29 March 2020 until 25 October 2020.
Last update on 20/03/2020
All programs in parallel with Internet Radio NEXUS (IRN) (24/7) except (2) below.
see also: European Gospel Radio
kHz UTC CEST Days ITU Zones
Power & Modulation Antenna Beam Language
7290 1800-1900 2000-2100 Daily 18-20,27-30,37-39 150 kW A3 Europe, MidEast, N Africa English
9510 0800-0900 1000-1100 Sat 18-20,27-30,37-40 150 kW A3 Europe, MidEast, N Africa English
9510 0930-1200 1130-1400 Sun 18-20,27-30,37-40 150 kW A3 Europe, MidEast, N Africa English
9640 1300-1400 1500-1600 Daily 29-33,39-44,49 250 kW A3 MidEast, Asia English
11990 1500-1600 1700-1800 Daily 38-41,47-48,52-53 250 kW A3 East Africa Oromo (1)
7290 1700-1800 1900-2000 Daily 18-20,27-30,37-39 150 kW A3 Europe, Mideast, Africa English
9660 1900-2000 2100-2200 Daily 37-39,46-48,52,53,57 150 kW A3 Africa English
15515 15:00-15:30 17:00-17:30 Sat 38-41,47-48,52-53 150 kW A3 East Africa Oromo (2)
(1) to Africa in local languages.
(2) via European Gospel Radio in Oromo
See program schedule for language and program details.
A3 = AM Double Side Band (DSB), high power DCC (Dynamic Carrier Controlled) modulation
CET: Central European Time (winter) or local winter time in Central Europe (UTC+1)
CEST: Central European Summer Time or local summer time in Central Europe (UTC+2)
UTC: Universal Time Coordinated equivalent to GMT
For more information contact: IRRS-Shortwave, email:
Reception reports to:

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