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A20 schedule: Beibu Bay Radio

According to “Cahcn Reserved Area”(, A20 schedule of Beibu Bay Radio (located at Nanning, Guangxi, China) is as follows.

Difference from B19 schedule

・No difference in time and frequencies from B19 schedule.

・Western pop music program “BEEP” is discontinued.

・Burmese program is replaced by Laotian program.

・Special scientific program of new cronavirus in Chinese is add.

・Internet streaming is continued at 0102-0945 when there is no shortwave broadcast.

Frequencies:  5050kHz  0945-1603 2248-0102

                       9820kHz  0948(3 minutes later than on 5050kHz)-1603 2248-0102

Programs:  0945-1130 Chinese(1030-1100 Audio of Guangxi Satellite TV, 1100-1130 Audio of CCTV-1)  1130-1200 Cantonese  1200-1300 Vietnamese  1300-1330 Chinese(including special program of new cronavirus)  1330-1345 Laotian  1345-1400 Chinese  1400-1500 CRI Vietnamese program  1500-1530 Chinese  1530-1600 Thai  2300-0100 Chinese(Audio of CCTV-13)  0100-0102 Alert of new coronavirus, weather forecast in Vietnamese

Audio Stream:

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Reception in Tokyo: Evening broadcast at 0945-1603, audible on 5050kHz with fair signal in the night, barely audible on 9820kHz due to the interference from CNR transmit from Xian. Morning broadcast at 2248-0102, audible on 9820kHz with weak signal, not audible on 5050kHz.

Takahito Akabayashi

Tokyo, Japan

(via WOR io group)

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