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KVOH off the air

** U S A. 17775, Sat May 16 at 1508, NO signal not even a JBA carrier from KVOH, which is supposed to start its weekly English broadcast at 1500 with Wavescan. Not unusual to have no signal here less than 2 megameters from Rancho Simi, too close for F2 skip? There is lots of HF sporadic E today but mostly east of here rather than west. When there is some westward Es, can give KVOH a good boost into OK. Now the only 16 mb signals are bits from far Sa`udi Arabia on 17895 and 17615+; JBA carriers where nothing is listed now on 17690, 17880.

KVOH target is Cuba and beyond at appropriate F2 skip distance. No KiwiSDRs in Cuba of course, but also absolutely zero signal into Miami and into TWR Dominican Republic. I keep checking these periodically at 1530, 1605, 1657, 1920. Supposed to run until 2000. At 1612 I also check the closest SDR I can find to KVOH, at Laguna, but opposite side across the vast LA metro area, so maybe groundwave would not reach there anyway.

So all the evidence is that KVOH is not on the air, and this is not unusual per my occasional chex of 17775 on various days. So Ray, is it just off today, or more often, or continuously, and for what reason? Is Covid-19 indirectly responsible as several SW stations say, or pervasive transmitter problems? The website describes it as “(Shoffner-Harris)“ — that variety is a new one on me, more about it? Searching on that combo of names leads to some individuals but nothing about transmitters. Maybe SCG named it for some benefactor? Claims 100,000 watts at 100 degrees central beam with potential audience of 900,000,000 — minus one (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

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