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Glenn Hauser logs June 2, 2020

** CUBA. Correxion: initially I called this REE instead of RHC! Fixed:

11950-11975, June 1 at 2250, RHC splattering out of 11950 transmitter; sounds a lot like the local noise blobs OG&E has been working on, so at first feared they remain, but these have matching modpeaxe to 11950. Not unusual for this frequency to be active before 2300 despite its razón de ser the `Mesa Redonda` separate TV audio soundtrack hour nominally from 7 pm local (not 00-01 UT, don`t you believe Aoki/NDXC`s outdated standard time info among others for RHC). Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 9980, June 2 at 1331, girl-molester Brother Scare is here on reactivated WWCR-4 transmitter; this frequency available 12-24 UT, elsewhen 7520 or 5890, the latter again BSing circa 0600. Looks like TOM has expanded greatly onto this formerly mostly-idle transmitter. WWCR still has not updated its transmitter or program schedules for June. So how about TOM? Ha! Still a year out-of-date: (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** SPAIN. (9690), Now I`ve listened to the archive recording of the first resumed REE English broadcast June 1: Justin Coe & Alison Hughes are together again, but they speak for only the first 4 minutes; no one at REE has been lost, but some colleagues in other parts of RNE. In general tribute to COVID-19 victims, they introduce this beautiful piece of music, Requiem by Francisco Guerrero, not familiar to me, but even in extended podcast it`s truncated, cut off abruptly at 32:42. And it looks like they are back to their old format for “English“, mostly filled with music rather than much if anything about current events in Spain or anywhere (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 9330, June 2 at 1615, WLCR via WBCQ-6 is on in English, but poor signal, this hour registered as only 250 kW at 300 degrees to western and central Canada — if on 15105! AFAIK, WBCQ-6 SuperStation has never attained any frequency but 9330, despite’ for 6195, 13590, 15105, 12080, at various times besides 9330.

AW has now twitted about 9330 resuming:
“Allan Weiner @AllanWBCQ 22m[inutes ago at 1505 UT June 2] The BIG one back on the air. Replaced the screen bypass capacitor (again). Hopefully it will hold. Tune 9330khz for WLC programming. Today at 3pm tune in 7490khz for good tunes and commentary. 3265khz evenings at 9pm for more. All for you on the BCQ. A&A in front of the PA .“

He still doesn`t say *what* programming is on 3265, inaudible in OK, but here`s a report to the WOR iog:

“WBCQ, Monticello, Maine, 3265, May 28, 0455, EE with re-broadcast of WHVW, 950 AM, Hyde Park, New York programming with continuous eclectic mix of older jazz/big band tunes. ID at 0412 “950 On Your Radio, WHVW”, more music, this time older R&B, then off at 0413 in mid-song. No WBCQ ID heard; 34233 (JRC NRD 535D; antenna 28m longwire with 9:1 Unun) (Robert Butterfield, Columbia, MD, USA)“

WHVW, 500/57 watts U1, is the station of Pirate Joe = J. P. Ferraro, AW`s longtime cohort, not the only case such programming has filled time on WBCQs (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 1520, June 2 at 0605 UT, KOKC OKC with equal level QRM, soon recognized as the KYND Cypress TX barker-for-business loop, despite being a 25 kW DAYTIMER. This has been going on for over a year, at least sporadically. Where`s the FCC? KOKC must not even care to complain, as it does not care either to resume its licensed full power of 50 kW. Who cares about “clear channel 1520“, with a translator on 95.3?

1540-, same time, a LAH here no doubt the off-frequency Houston-market
neighbor KGBC Galveston TX; ditto, FCC.

1560, not hearing Vietnamese from usually dominant KGOW Bellaire TX; something changed there? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. 1370, June 2 at 0559 UT, I strain to make out a station slightly atop the graveyard-like jumble, and can almost imagine an ID as KGNO, and mention of FM 103.something? That Dodge City KS station cannot be heard on 5 kW ND day power as it used to be, at least at SR/SS, but night power, if any, probably running 24h is 230 watts. NRC AM Log does not show any FM for it, nor does own token website: The Log does show a possible 1370 with FM 103.5, KAWL York NE with 176 ND watts night on 1370 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. The local noise blobs are still rampant, checked June 2 at 0536-, typically ~20 kHz wide, and now I see a pattern, at intervals of ~360 kHz apart: starting with 9850-9870 at S7-S8; then: 9490-9510, 9130-9150, 8770-8790, 8410-8430, 8055-8070, 7697-7717, 7340-7355, circa 6993 weak.

At 1328 June 2, I find some higher ones at different intervals:
11215-11300, 10905-10945, 10690-10720, 10560-10580, 10200-10225, 9830-9855. At 1418, even higher, 11630-11655 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 1717 UT June 2

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