martedì 11 Agosto 2020
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Wolfgang Bueschel log

USA 7490.032 kHz WBCQ at 23.42 UT on Monday July 13, female presenter about curfew, wobbling sounded distorted signal, S=8. (wb, wor July 13)

5980even R TV Marti S=9+35dB or -38dBm powerful, phone-in with Spain Europe talk about football team of Real Madrid, and also FC Barcelona.

6015even World’s last Chance Arabic ? Woofferton likely? S=8-9 at 23.28 UT

7345drm mode R Marti Greenville NC S=9+20dB or -55dBm in Florida. 23.44 UT

7335even R Marti in AM mode, S=9+40dB or -33dBm powerful signal 23.45 UT from Greenville NC, 10.4 kHz wideband audio block visible on Perseus screen.

7315.003 WHRI SC, likely Lester Sumrall prayer, S=8 much fluttery in Cape Canaveral remote FL installation. 23.46 UT, but suffers heavily by UNID UTE whistle tones on neighbour channel of

7312.641 kHz plus/minus whistle strings of 120 and 240 Hertz either sideband.

MALI 7295even CRI Bamako Mali West Africa relay in Mandarin, S=8-9 backlobe of non-dire West African relay at 23.50 UT on July 13.

ECUADOR 6049.996 HCJB Quito S=8 at 23.29 UT flute mx and pips like 23.30 UT

BRAZIL 6180.020 R Nacional da Amazonia, S=9+15 or -58dBm, and next door

MEXICO 6184.972 Low modulated R Educación Mexico D.F. guitar mx at 23.38 UT

SINGAPORE 6195even BBC Singapore Kranji, S=6 -90dBm tiny at 23.40 UT

CUBA 11950even RHC Spanish Mon-Thur “Mesa Redonda” from Bauta S=8-9 fair and \\ 5999.994 kHz Quivican San Felipe TITAN, totally distorted S=9+35dB or -38dBm powerhouse at 23.15 UT on July 13.

next door
CUBA 5990even also from Quivican, but clean audio for CRI English service via Latin America Cuba relay site. S=9+35dB or -38dBm in Cape CanaveraL Florida state Perseus SDR unit. Not heard any hx of 11980 kHz tonight.

(wb, wor July 13)

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