lunedì 3 Agosto 2020
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LRA 36 news

From the second Saturday of August, LRA 36 probably will be on air every Saturday, 15476 USB mode, repeating the Wednesday’s program “Corazón Antártico”. It has to be decided if it will be on air the two hours of the show “Corazón Antártico”, or 24 hours, with the show and music, like the last USB transmission.

On Wednesday, July 29, there will be no program, like the past July 15 and 22, due to announcer’s holiday. Next “Corazón Antártico” program will be on air on Wednesday August 5.

The staff of LRA 36 are replying all the reception report received. It will take them several days to answer all of them.

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

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