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Channel 292 directional antenna plan

Ahoy Matey Glenn –

On Thursday, Cap’n Ric received an email from Channel 292 with the subject line “For all customers using 9670 kHz, or plan to do so.” The email reads as follows:

“We are on plan to build a directional beam with some gain for 9670 kHz. It would be rotatable 360 degrees. This would enable you to reach your target area with a stronger signal, while the other areas might get a weaker one.

So, if we build this antenna:
Would you be interested to use it?
Or would you prefer to use the one with more or less non directional character?

Any questions?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Kind regards
Rainer Ebeling

Radio Channel 292
Eja 2
85276 Pfaffenhofen

Zuteilungsnummer der Rundfunklizenz:
BNA 01 95 8482

Tel: +49 8441 – 456 99 88”

We don’t have any other information about this.

Beginning August 15 and every third Saturday after that, Channel 292 will broadcast a TRSW program on 9670 kHz at 0200 in the hope that North American listeners will have an opportunity to hear the signal directly. This is with 292’s omnidirectional antenna and 10 kW.

TRSW would certainly be very interested in using a directional antenna pointed at North America.

Cap’n Ric heard UBMP at 2305 UTC yesterday, 9670 kHz, on a couple ECNA SDRs so we know the signal can reach the US with the ND antenna. Only the W1NT, Newton, NH SDR had a listenable signal, but Channel 292 was definitely there on the N3JLY SDR in MA.

73 and Arrgghh.

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