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Specials imminent from 0135, 0200 UT Sat

All India Radio with Independence Day special from 0135 UT Saturday, already publicized here but from this source, the second part:

Since it`s after sunrise,, don`t expect to get the lower HS frequencies at any great distance.

However, WORLD OF RADIO should also be airing at same time 0130 UT Sat on WRMI 7780 and new at this hour, 9955 which is supposed to start this week, not last week.

Also a reminder of this from Texas Radio Shortwave:

Beginning August 15 and every third Saturday after that, Channel 292 will broadcast a TRSW program on 9670 kHz at 0200 in the hope that North American listeners will have an opportunity to hear the signal directly. This is with 292’s omnidirectional antenna and 10 kW.

TRSW would certainly be very interested in using a directional antenna pointed at North America.

Cap’n Ric heard UBMP at 2305 UTC yesterday, 9670 kHz, on a couple ECNA SDRs so we know the signal can reach the US with the ND antenna. Only the W1NT, Newton, NH SDR had a listenable signal, but Channel 292 was definitely there on the N3JLY SDR in MA.

73 and Arrgghh.

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.

Texas Radio Shortwave
Sailing into your ears from the Lone Star State

PS: Maybe at 0000-0100 Allan Weiner, WBCQ, will have something to say about buying WHRI, on 7490, and maybe 6160, 5130, 3265. So far no twit from him re.

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