giovedì 24 Settembre 2020
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Wolfgang Bueschel: Brasil / Holland (?) observations

ex5939.504 seems re-aligned its transmitter fq in Brazil ?

now at 22.20 UT Aug 14 on 5939.985 kHz Portuguese language regional news ? need more monitoring.

at 23.35 UT noted an stn annmt as ‘contesta Radio Brazil Regional ….’ and website URL address given as ‘ www… radio … onda… ‘

5939.985 kHz measured again, noted in various European countries, ? is that R Onda Holland / Belgium-based registered Portuguese language stn ?

another – seemingly Voz Missionaria noted, wandered from 5939.506 within an hour, up to 5939.522 kHz.

6134v not on air.

Tiny signal string seen at 9818.769 kHz tonight, only exciter signal style.

9664.842 kHz Camboriu, but totally covered by CNR 5th program sce, Beijing ahead signal at Miami, Massachusetts, all-Brazil, Italy, Greece and Tokyo / Hiroshima Japan remote Perseus’

73 wb

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