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FRS-Holland 200th Broadcast August 30th

Upcoming Sunday August FRS-Holland will be on air celebrating its 200th official broadcast on short wave.
The FRS presenting team is excited about this milestone and looking forward to this special broadcast. Neither costs nor efforts were spared to serve you, the listener, with the best in Free Radio.

That means an evening full of  great music but above all interesting info blocks related to our 40 year history.

40 years? Yes, one day later, Monday August 31st 2020  FRS-Holland becomes 40 years.
We have decided to split the festivities: on Sunday our 200th broadcast and late October/ early November the celebration of our 40th Anniversary.  Of course we will inform you prior to that broadcast.

But for now we concentrate on our 200th….look at   for full details:

See you next Sunday!!

73s , the FRS-Holland team

Ps  All mail from July/August will be answered shortly after the upcoming Newsletter. Included the Summer 2020 FRS Newsletter.

FRS-Holland’s 200th Broadcast

Next Sunday August 30th– 40 years minus one day after FRS-Holland’s official start back in 1980- the first of two festive broadcasts will take place.
Don’t be misunderstood: this won’t be the celebration of our 40th Anniversary! We save that one for later this year in October/ early November.
Next Sunday it concerns our 200th official broadcast. And all of us at FRS are eager to bring you the best in Free Radio. ‘Statistics & Numbers‘ is a common thread through all of our evening shows. Each show contains a number of info topics based on statistics & numbers related to FRS’ long history. Also the choice of music is (partly) related to this subject. Of course mail will be handled in all shows and: we feature a little competion. Win yourself a radio DVD! We will draw three prize winners.
Programmes run from 16:52- 21:00 UTC/ 18:52- 23:00 CEST. Frequencies: 5790//7700 kHz. There might be a third frequency…keep an eye on the FRS website for the latest information. We will publish a ‘Latest News’ item on Sunday, not long before the start of the actual broadcast. We hope we can count on you: tune in and let us know about reception and the programmes. Hope to meet you next Sunday!

Programme-Schedule for Sunday August 30th 2020- 200th official Broadcast
UTC  Sunday August 30th CET
16:52  Opening: Theme Tune ‘Theme from Close Encouters”+ TotHour pips/ Welcome                                         18:52
17:01  Musical Express–  Bert van Leer                                                   19:01
17:45  Radio WavesDave Scott 19:45
18:30  German Show- Jan van Dijk  20:30
19:15  Everything’s 80s- Mike Taylor 21:15
20:00  FRS Magazine Peter Verbruggen 22:00
20:55-21:00  Close down 22:55- 23:00

Remember FRS-Holland now has its very own streaming facilities, apart from the streams done by our well respected partners of

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