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Wolfgang Bueschel observations

—– Original Message —–
From: “Glenn Hauser via Hard-Core-DX”

> BRAZIL. 11780, Sept 8 at 2147, once again RNA music is
> undermodulated, suptorted but S9 fading to S3; only a JBA carrier on
> 6180 this early. Many 6180 stations but nothing else scheduled at this
> hour. By 0057 UT Sept 9, 6180 is OK // still distorted 11780.
> (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

BRAZIL 11780.010 kHz Final tube like failure – audio disturbtion –
noted at 00.15 UT Sept 11, RN da Amazonia program, S=9+35dB or -43dBm
powerful signal noted in Edmonton Alberta remote rx unit.
Google translation: …musicas do brasil ouvidas…

\\ 6180.004 kHz fade-in at 00.22 UT, S=9+25dB or -50dBm signal.
Present Gray line at Winipeg, Kansas City, Houston – mid US states –
or Oaxaca Mexico central America.
73 wb

> CANADA. 14670-CUSB, Sept 8 at 2142, no signal from CHU, and have
> also found it inaudible several daytime chex when it ought to
> propagate even under current conditions. 7850-CUSB is audible now and
> better in the evenings. At 0048 Sept 9, 3330-CUSB is also audible, and
> maybe a JBA carrier on 14670? I wonder if the higher frequency has
> been down, as one of their frequencies has been out of order before
> (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

HEARD 14670-CUSB ON AIR Sept 10th 23.22 UT in Japanese remote SDR rxs.
73 wb

> CUBA. 4765, Sept 9 at 0046 check, R. Progreso is still absent,
> kaput? Something’s always wrong at RadioCuba
> (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)
Nothing on air from Bejucal at 00.56 UT on Sept 11.
Only tiny signal string visible from Dushanbe Yangi Yul TJK
via Northern Europa path and Greenland etc.
some CODAR ‘wiper’ like signals in range 4736 – 4836 kHz

Also two music stations noted on weaker UNID? 4775.050
and proper S=6 signal 4774.730 R Tarma PRU like ? 01.22 UT Sept 11.

4875.018 BRA canciones from RDif Roraima Brazil. S=8 -80dBm nice
strength at 01.27 UT.
4885.024 BRA Radioclube do Pará, S=9+5dB -72dBm in peaks, like male
prayer BrasPort spoken program.
4904.984 UNID Brazilian, Rádio Nova Relógio ? likely on threshold level.
4949.735 UNID Peruvian OBX71 Madre Dios Puerto Maldonado ? likely,
or Mulenvos AGL, tiny signal 01.34 UT.
5010even USA Glenn Hauser WoR on WRMI Okeechobee outlet, S=7-8 at
Fris 01.30-02.00 UT.
5085even USA WTWW Lebanon TN S=9+25dB or -51dBm in peaks, music program
at 01.40 UT Sept 11 in Alberta CAN remotedly.
Worldwide stn ID given at 01.43 UT.
Distortion scratch signal on adjacent 5080 kHz.
5129.977 USA WBCQ S=9+10dB nice signal into Edmonton CAN, chorus sung
at 01.44 UT, followed by sermon ‘… in the name of God …
preach and pray, … your Lord …’
73 wb


> EAST TURKISTAN [and non]. 13670, Sept 8 at 1353, S5-S7 narration in
> English: it`s CRI this hour, via Kashi, land of ChiCom persecution of
> Uyghurs. Later at 1800 will be occupied by MWV in English which I get
> on the caradio.
> (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

CHINA mainland CRI English sce at 00-01 UT heard on limited signal
level in Edmonton Alberta CAN remote Perseus SDR rx site.

11790 via Xianyang #594 tx site, S=5 -99dBm poor and tiny backlobe

11885 via Xianyang #594 tx site, S=7 -83dBm limited fair signal backlobe

13750 via Beijing #572 tx site, tiny under threshold at 00.39 UT
{but next adjacent 13740 kHz powerful 8 kHz wideband audio from RHC Bauta in
Spanish, S=9+25dB or -56dBm in Alberta CAN. Excellent audio,
but \\ much distorted failure audio S=9+15 kHz on
15120 kHz from Quivican San Felipe TITAN 250 kW unit site.
Sports news lengthy given, especially French records also historical …

15125 via Beijing #572 tx site, S=7 or -78dBm fair signal into Alberta
province Perseus unit.
73 wb

> U S A. 7505, Sept 9 at 0059, still no WRNO (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)
Nothing on air this Sept 11 at 00.13 UT.
73 wb


> VIETNAM [and non]. My observations last few days of VOV missing
> from WHRI 7315 relays including English at 0000 — nor any Spanish at
> 0046 Sept 9 — are now explained by Jeff White on this week`s AWR
> Wavescan, after quoting one of my previous logs of it wondering
> whether that would continue under WBCQ ownership:
> “We have information that Voice of Vietnam relays from South
> Carolina, WHRI are going to be discontinued, most likely, as the
> station is planning to probably eliminate its shortwave broadcasts
> altogether, and it may do shortwave [sic] broadcasts to the United
> States via some local AM and FM stations“
> This presumably comes from recent virtual-only B-20 HFCC conference.
> See whether any other broadcasts remain? WRTH A-20 English update
> 0000-0030 daily NAm 7315hri

> 2330-2400 daily As 9840vni, 12020vni
> “12020” is particularly interesting, as we know it`s constantly way
> off-frequency about 12018.9. From Aoki/NDXC its complete schedule is
> now shown:
> 12019 1000-1030 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Eng Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1030-1100 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Ind Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1100-1130 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Jap Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1130-1200 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Eng Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1200-1230 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Jap Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1230-1300 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Eng Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1300-1330 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Ind Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1330-1400 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Eng Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1400-1430 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Jap Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1430-1500 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Ind Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 1500-1530 VTN VOICE OF VIETNAM Eng Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 2200-2230 VTN x VOICE OF VIETNAM Jap Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 2230-2300 VTN x VOICE OF VIETNAM Chi Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 2300-2330 VTN x VOICE OF VIETNAM Ind Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 2330-2400 VTN x VOICE OF VIETNAM Eng Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> The x is not keyed but I think means deleted or no longer heard.
> After 2300 UT Sept 8 via remote in S Korea, no signals heard on 12019
> or 9840 — axually that too was always off-frequency-minus.
> (Glenn Hauser, OK)

> 12019 2300-2330 VTN x VOICE OF VIETNAM Ind Hanoi-Sonta 1-7
> 12019 2330-2400 VTN x VOICE OF VIETNAM Eng Hanoi-Sonta 1-7

12018.659 kHz Voice of Vietnam, Son tay site in Indonesian, two ladies
announcer in performance, heard on remote Hiroshima SDR site in Japan,
S=6-7 or -91dBm poor – BACKLOBE signal – of 177degr azimuth antenna,
at 23.10 UT on Sept 10 UTC.

\\ 9839.770 kHz exact measured then
VoVTN English on Kiwi remote unit at Jakarta INS at 23.00-23.57:50 UT,
S=9+25dB or -55dBm powerful. No Asian or rather Yankee US accent spoken.
Like more Australian or Singapore English empire spoken

At 23.51 UT a like National Day ceremony commemorate hymn played.
Commemorating Dec 2nd, 1975, declaration day of Vietnam independence from
the western colonial empire struggle.

Address speech by leader Ho Chi Min heard.

10 kHz wide audio excellent audio quality from Hanoi – Son Tay site –
once built Made in USSR bcast center in late 70ties ? –
heard on remote SDR rx at Jakarta, Indonesia.
Son Tay tx OFF air at 23.58:05 UTC Sept 10th.

9840 2300 2400 54 VN1 100 177 0 156
12020 2300 2400 54 VN1 100 177 0 156

USA relay > 0000-0030 daily NAm 7315hri.
Nothing on air this Sept 11 at 00.10 UT.
73 wb


> UNIDENTIFIED. 4940, Sept 9 at 0058, music is JBA maybe S7 between high
> storm noise level [HSNL] crashes, so looks worth checking on TWR
> Bonaire SDR: yes, like 3 nights ago, but not 1 or 2 nights ago, good
> S8-S9 and soon into monolog by preacher in Spanish, starts saying he
> is quarantined, right into biblical references. He keeps going with no
> breaks past 0200, but his background noise surges whenever he pauses
> even briefly: turn off the AVC!
> We really need an ID or at least some clue where this is coming from,
> so I keep half-listening until 0205 when that SDR bumps me off, but
> MEGO, altho near 100% readable, I am *not* going to pay rapt attention
> to this long-winded gospel huxter. Then try other SDRs: no good at DR,
> Boa Vista, Pardinho, Santiago; and Bogotá won`t work. 0237 try Bonaire
> again and get back on as he is *still* going, mentions Coronavirus,
> etc., a bit weaker at S6-S7.
> At 0259 suddenly stops sermonizing, NO ID!!! But over to YL plugging
> the website again, some credits, and then starts
> narrating `Capítulo 12` of something, mentioning “Narnia“ several
> times; hmmm? Back on at 0346; still going with dialog. Enough for now,
> but it might keep going late into the night or all-night.
> See my previous discussion under PERU or unID: it could be Christian
> station Radio San Antonio, Perú, or something new established by
> Ethnic Radio to evangelize natives in Colombia, Venezuela; but all in
> Spanish so far, testing? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

4939.995 1/2 kHz measured in Edmonton at 00.59 UT on Sept 11,
only S=5-6 -94dBm poor and tiny signal in Canada, Spanish recogniced.
4939.971 next adjacent likely R San Antonio Peru ? similar poor signal

Next door 4985even kHz RTTY high speed signal of US NSS Navy UTE signal,
840 Hertz apart distance RTTY peaks, S=9+20dB in Alberta rx.

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