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Czech Radio MW and LW future

This has already appeared on another site, but it looks like Czech Radio will be shutting down its remaining medium wave transmitters, as well as 270 kHz longwave on December 31, 2021. The longwave band in Europe continues to empty out. The big power reduction on 270 a few years ago pretty much indicated that the facility was headed for closure. Any further word on the rumored impending demise of 234 Luxembourg?

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Key section: “On December 31, 2021, Czech Radio will turn off transmitters on medium and long waves, in ranges known by the acronym AM. “The technology is not entirely promising and is already obsolete. We have to prepare for this by communication, because it will not be easy to convince older citizens in particular to exchange their receivers,” said Karel Zýka, Director of Czech Radio Technology and Administration. That is why ČRo will start a “Senior” station for them. The public media currently operates six medium-wave and one long-wave transmitter.”

(Stephen Luce via WOR io group)

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