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Philippines log

PHILIPPINES log Sept 26 heard remotedly at Hiroshima and Tokyo installation in Japan, Far East Asia.

15580.503 kHz measure at 08.56 UT, FEBC Manila Bocaue Interval Signal
S=9+5dB at 08.50 til 09.00 UT.
> From 09.00 UT Indonesian vernac.? Makassarese scheduled.

15449.970 kHz FEBC Manila Iba site, Tibetan Kham domestic language
in western China, S=8-9 signal heard at Hiroshima and Tokyo Japan.
At 09.03 UT.

B u t
noted some two parallel request entries in Aoki Nagoya schedule list
of FEBC Manila

15449.970 FEBC Radio Liangyou, 09.00 UT Tibetan Kham domestic language,
followed at 09.30 UT by Mongolian at 330 degr azimuth northwards
via Iba site. S=8-9 signal.

15449.958 FEBC Manila via Bocaue site, towards INS in Minangkabau at
schedule 09.30-10.00 UT, noted on BAD MIXTURE two FEBC programs at
very SAME CHANNEL – two different language services, why happened ?
What is the motivation ?
Via remote Hiroshima SDR rx installation. At 09.45 UT on Sept 26,
at 245 degr azimuth via Bocaue site towards Indonesia.

9399.975 FEBC Radio Liangyou at 10.00-10.30 UT in Hui language, from
10.30 UT in Cantonese, via Iba bcast center site, S=9+15dB in Japan.

9275.002 FEBC Manila at 10.00-16.00 UT in Mandarin Chinese language,
via Bocaue site, S=9+25dB in Japan.

73 wb df5sx

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