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Palau observations

PALAU/CHINA 9930 kHz on Oct 16 noted on 9930even around check at 08.38 and 08.56 UT.

Annmt US “Believe rights TV” or similar and West Virginia address too, web-address, S=9 -72dBm in Japan remotedly, 09.01 UT male pastor sermon start.

But in Brisbane Queensland Australia remote Perseus only S=7 -86dBm underneath, a n d co-channel ahead stronger than Palau signal on odd fq 9929.995 kHz Chinese jamming ? in Mandarin much stronger than Palau.

Check 08.38 – 08.40 UT:
9890 kHz today, also observed two short 10 seconds lasting antenna matching tests from other Pacific SW stns like KSDA AWR Facpi Point Guam, or US AGM RFA Korean antenna at Agingan Point Saipan MRA.

73 wb df5sx

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