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WBCQ Streaming/Area 51/61 updates

Streaming service update 14 October 2020

Our streaming service is being migrated from a legacy platform to a new service. We are migrating from Shoutcast version 1 to Icecast version 2. The addresses of all services are changing.

The new streaming address is
All active services can be accessed at this address.
New streaming mount points…

WBCQ 6.160 MHz status update 16 October 2020

Our shortwave service on WBCQ 6.160 MHz suffered some damage as the result of a lightning strike at the station on 10 October 2020. As of Thursday 15 October 2020 the system is back to full power and repairs continue. Please feel free to contact WBCQ for more details.

Area 51 schedule for 17-18 October 2020

Area 51 is heard on WBCQ 6.160 MHz on shortwave starting at 7PM US eastern time (2300 UTC).

We’ve transitioned to a new streaming service at
Saturday 17 October 2020

7:00pm : Radio Timtron Worldwide
8:00pm : Grits Radio
9:00pm : The Lumpy Gravy Radio Show
10:00pm : The Lost Discs Radio Show
11:00pm : The Eric Dolphy Mystery Hour

Sunday 18 October 2020

7:00pm : Radio Timtron Worldwide
8:00pm : Radio Newyork International with John P. Lightning
11:00pm : Glenn Hauser’s World of Radio
11:30pm : Hobart Radio International

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