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Myanmar on shortwave, tiny signals

MYANMAR checked Myanmar Radio SW last night, used the remote Perseus unit at New Delhi India.

My strong assumption regarding the Myanmar signal strength these days is,
that only part of the power, for example 10 or 25 kilowatts,
instead of 50 kW, is in use.

The radio signals from Naypyidaw 5915 kHz
and Pyin U Lwin 6165 kHz are that ‘thin’ these days.

DBS#20 content:

5915 kHz Naypyidaw
Minorities px:
2300-1700 UT in Kachin, Shan, Palan Chin, Mindat Chin, Rakhine,
Wa and Kokang.


639 MW main px Pyin U Lwin: 0930-1430 Bamar, 1430-1500 E.

6165 kHz Thazin R, Pyin U Lwin
Minorities px: 2330 Chin, 0030-0130 Kachin.

7345 kHz Pyin U Lwin
Minority px “Rakhine Broadcasting Station”:
0930-1030 Kachim, 1030-1130 Pwo Kayin, 1130-1230 Sgaw, 1230-1330 Mo.

9590 kHz Pyin U Lwin
Minorities px:
0130-0230 Wa, 0230-0330 Geba, 0430-0530 La, 0530-0630 Po, 0630-0730 Kayah,
0730-0830 Shan.

In Delhi India remote Perseus server access:
5914.982 MR Nay Pyi Daw, S=4-5 poor -91.7dBm at 01.20 UT on Dec 20.
Similar tiny strength too on 6164.994 kHz from Pyin U Lwin at 01.24 UT.

73 wb df5sx

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