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Wolfgang Bueschel observations

Yes you need monitoring facilities some 2500 to 3000 kms away of Kajang MLA, to monitor properly on KiwiNet.

Even 31 mb 9835 kHz from RTM Kajang site is too high fq selection at their eastern MLA islands target doesn’t propagate well.

Close-down scheduled 14.00 UT seemingly, but sometimes cut-OFF at 14.13 or even later at 14.20 UT.

re Voice of Vietname
appeared also on even 9835 kHz this week, – on single Wednesday,

now back to 9840v kHz again, between 10 UT and 15.30 UT scheduled sometimes at 177degr southwards SoEaAsia, but also changed 4 times to 57degr azimuth towards Far East Asian states.

But when measured the English, Japanese, Chinese 57 degr azimuth feed outlets, seemingly a separate TX at Son Tay bcast center is in use, which is mostly much odd fq of 9839.767 kHz instead.

73 wb

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