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Glenn Hauser logs February 15-16, 2021

** CUBA. 5040, Feb 16 at 0012, again tonight, S9+10/20 of dead air from RHC during English hour; still open carrier at 0030, 0040 and 0234 chex. Something`s always wrong at RHC.

Not tried again until 0608 when manages to modulate the other English hour, but combating high local line noise level. Yet now all the other transmitters are on and strong in well-modulated English! 6000, 6060, 6100, 9700. Something`s not wrong at RHC. But topic is about murder in Canada (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 13700, Feb 16 at 1500, RHC is JBA but music barely // 13740 which promptly disappears, and still on // 11760. No spurs audible. By 1601, 13700 itself achieves S9/+10 before it stops mod and also goes off. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. 350-MCW kHz, Feb 16 at 1913 UT, ND beacon RG at Will RoGers World Airport, OKC, is back! After missing a week; and the subzero and snowpiles are not over yet. The other two, 341 EI in EnId, and 255 SW in StillWater, are still AWOL.

[non]. 341-MCW kHz, Feb 16 at 1915 UT, however has a JBA mixture, probably the peripheral ones, OIN Oberlin KS and DNI DeNIson TX, but I can`t unravel the IDs to be sure (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. 1050 kHz, Feb 16 at 1916 UT, partial non-ID mentions 99.1 and NewsChannel 8, weather for Tulsa. It`s 1 kW ND, KGTO; the 99.1 is of course a mere translator, K256CR, per NRC AM Log. KGTO has an edge over the other Okie to here, KXCA Lawton, with one quarter the power and 19% further. Log says both are sloganned “Heart & Soul“, non-ID not heard at this moment (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. 1640 kHz, Feb 16 at 1459 UT, KZLS “Enid“ is off the air. Transmitter site is east of Hennessey, where I hear there are power outages, so maybe that`s it. Am pretty sure 1640 was still running at bedtime bandscan circa 0700. It`s back on at 1708 UT check, also when OG&E System Watch does not show any significant outage around there, altho 908 customers are powerless in Enid: (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. 90.1, Feb 15 & 16 at 1558 UT, KUCO-FM lacks `StarDate` as sked we always try to catch, instead stays plugged in to WCPE The Classical Station in NC, which is normally relayed only overnight 05-12 UT. Automated local ID still manages to fire around 1600 after JBA LF cuetone. KUCO must be unable to operate normally, perhaps due to again losing STL during horrible freezeweather. Ditto for other StarDate time, 0058 UT. No explanation on KUCO-FM website still displaying normal program schedule (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2073 monitoring: confirmed Monday February 15 from 1900:32 on IRRS 7290 via Bulgaria, S9+25/30 into UTwente SDR, but as usual inevitable very heavy splash from both sides, 7280 Vietnam and 7295 East Turkistan. 7290 already on at tune-in 1858.6; modulation cut on just before 1900 with a few words of WOR! but then abbr`d s/on, FSN headlines squeezed in before WOR restart. By 1925 recheck, has faded down and the splash is even worse by comparison. Not chopped off at 1929 finish but a few seconds of silence before music. Next:

1030 UT Wednesday WRMI 5850 to NW
2100 UT Wednesday WRMI 7780 to NE
2200 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
2300 UT Wednesday WRMI 9955 [jammed?] to SSE
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

Full schedule including AM, FM, webcasts, satellite, podcasts:

Our non-commercial broadcasts and website depend on voluntary support: thanks this week to William Hassig, Mount Prospect IL, for a check in US funds to Glenn Hauser, P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702

One may also contribute via PayPal, not necessarily in US funds, to woradio at (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 15555-USB, Feb 16 at 1948, rabid gospel huxter at S8, as WJHR Milton FL inbooms rather than absencing. Checking DX Map for sporadic E, finally at 2123, I see a 36 MHz MUF about halfway between along the ARK/LA border. Originally compared to 19m neighbors at 1950: 15825 WWCR JBA S4-S5; 15770 WRMISMTV S9+30; 15730 VOAGB S9+25; and15610 WEWN S5-S7 but with long-path echo (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)
** U S A. 1220, WCPH, Etowah TN, eQSL received UT Feb 16 for Jan 2 DX test: now #111 via with this note from the Courtesy Programs Committee QSL manager:

“Congratulations on your reception report of WCPH 1220 which was found to be correct. Please see the attached QSL in PDF format. Thank you for being a part of this very successful DX test. Vy 73 de Joe KJ8O in behalf of the Courtesy Program Committee — *** Avoid internet congestion, real radio uses airwaves. *** Joe Miller, KJ8O, Desert Hot Springs, CA, Locator DM13sw“ (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 1280, Feb 16 at 1553 UT, cursory bandscan finds a hole here, semi-local KSOK Arkansas City KS missing, presumably due to frigid weather and/or power outage; back on with music at 1735 check. see also OKLAHOMA: 1640 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 2138 UT February 16

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