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Wolfgang Bueschel observations

UZBEKISTAN 5895.000 even frequency
Totally music program today, symphonic mx before 13.17 UT,
than most modern Korean female singer pop mx.

MUCH LOW MODULATED transmission out of Tashkent today,
and monitored at Kiwi Net SDR
noted KRE BUBBLE JAMNMING started at 13.17 UT onwards,
with short 20 seconds jamming breaks in between,
to check the transmission by the D.P.R. personell of the jamming unit.

Kiwi at Novosibirsk Russian Siberia at S=9+15 or -57dBm.

but much poor S=7 -86dBm signals noted today at Hiroshima and Tokyo in
at northern Taipei Taiwan Kiwi’s,
at Chongqing China KIWI set remotedly.

End of program at 13.29:05 UTC,
music start at 13.29:58 for some seconds, but switch off again at Tashkent.
At 13.30:50 UT start in Japanese language.

– – – –

7600.500 kHz exact Tashkent fq outlet at 13.36 UT. Similar poor signals
today in Korea and Japan.

The only strong remote unit at Kiwi Net Novosibirsk

and display also like Hiroshima Perseus screen
a very small KRE B U B B L E jamming unit,
centered at 7599.875 kHz on lower side flank.

Despite Novosibirsk Kiwi rx around 7602 – 7604 kHz range
is totally free of annoying Bubbler audio.

Maybe the +500 Hertz fq outlet of Tashkent Uzbekistan transmission
are a very desired measure? to avoid the narrow bubbler on the lower flank?

[selected SDR options, span 12.5 kHz RBW 15.3 Hertz
in Japanese Perseus units] (wb df5sx, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews March 5)

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