mercoledì 8 Dicembre 2021
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AIR special Ramadan broadcasts

Like every year, the special transmissions for Ramadan has started from AIR stations in Jammu & Kashmir as follows:

Timings (variable) : 2205 to 2305 UTC ( 3.35 to 4.35 am IST)


1116 kHz 300 kW Srinagar
1350 kHz 20 kW Kupwara
4950 kHz 50 kW Srinagar (Announced but not heard at my location, maybe due to skip conditions)
103.5 MHz 10 kW Srinagar

This transmission is for about 1 hour and sign on and sign off timings vary. It will continue for one month – till Ramzan day ie around 14 May 2021.

Jose Jacob, VU2JOS

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